One of the best small forwards in the east of all star

You can see that this player is not developing towards this factory, nor can he be said to be a super top player in the league. In addition, in the past two years, the Pacers did not compete.

With the disintegration of Wuhu, the Pacers, under the leadership of Paul George, can play in the playoffs, but it’s more expensive to meet James, that is, they can’t pass James. If you want to insert this division, you will not be able to set off your own status. You are one of the best small forwards in the east of all star. In addition to James, it’s you, right?

James’s evaluation is very high. If we remove James, then the best small forward in the East is Paul George. Right? When we play this kind of record, well, I personally think it’s obviously not commensurate with our own identity. So we come to the West and .

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