Although it doesn’t have to score high in the front game

Big determination is not enough, that is, since I let out what you want, I asked me to see if there is anything I can change for you. However, Celtic’s lineup really has nothing to take out and nothing must be taken out for whom. In fact, for Celtic team, it’s very simple now.

Although it doesn’t have to score high in the front game, it’s the season’s highest score, but after all, it’s still a negative asset. Last year, it’s not clean. Grandfather, it’s really a loss. What’s the use of a two-year 74 year contract? Do you expect to earn back the contract money of the first two years in the next two years? It’s more than 30 million. Except North Street, it’s 10 million, right? 20 million. Except north pole, it’s 7 million platform. In the next two years, it’s 10 million.

Celtic are too tired of the things that need to be operated under this system, both as father and mother. Right? On the court, there is no just point guard. Before the Cavaliers and James Bohr organized Hayward, no one organized. It’s not South Korea, it’s hofford. After the injury of Ou De, there was no one to organize. Ah, Owen’s role now, ah, I don’t need to read a book. I also know that the assists I may be struggling with are career highs. No, the highs are close to 11. I think so, because Er, this team. You can’t beat him if you don’t, right,

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