The Cavaliers were the finals team last year

If you don’t make it to the finals, Owen’s leaving this time is a failure. This deal or it’s a failure decision for Owen, because your decision doesn’t reflect your value and you arrive. The Celtics are as like as two peas Celtics, who are not the Celtics.

You haven’t led Celtics to a new height and can’t reflect your value. So Celtics, success is based on Stevens’s success, not your success. Ah, it can be analogized. Let’s say, let’s say, let’s say, let’s say, let’s say, let’s suppose Owen doesn’t leave the Cavaliers. I believe, ah, the Cavaliers were the finals team last year, so Owen can continue to play in the finals.

If there is a chance to win the championship, James will not necessarily leave the Cavaliers, or return to the Cavaliers, or take James Owen as the main core of the team’s construction framework. We can know that, in fact, she has Owen.

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It’s a player one grade ahead of him

Obviously, through the finals of the past two years, Durant is obviously better than curry. It’s a player one grade ahead of him. There’s no doubt about this. Even if curry, no matter how amazing he is, he can’t change this fact. I believe most of the fans on this issue. The vast majority of fans have reached a consensus.

Of course, a small number of those fans are still at the top of their heads. If they are still mythical, they will not be changed by us. So I am not in the scope of our discussion. So we mainly focus on this year. Take a look at this, All-Star voting, All-Star voting, in fact, is a weathervane, a direction, which we exclude, that is, er, some voting or yes, the imperfection of the ticketing mechanism has caused too many problems in the distribution of vote weight, such as Yao Ming’s option, um, the king of votes.

Ah, it’s not directly proportional to my strength, ah, er. Although I won the all star ticket, I can’t prove that I’m the best player in the league. I’m the best player in the league. This is for sure, right? I’ve got the advantage of our domestic demographic dividend.

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It’s very important to exchange two million dollars for a rest time for Paul

It’s very important to exchange two million dollars for a rest time for Paul. You are too necessary. Of course, can this kind of playing method be tested in the playoffs?

Ah, I personally prefer to, er, stand the test when I’m not very good, or change in essence. All the time, that is to say, last season was a successful season. Copy, season, now you want to use a new play method to play to the playoffs can be successful ah, er, this, now say ah, or it’s a bit too early to judge, er, because this form of play.

So far, it’s more than 20 years. I haven’t seen it for more than 20 years. Well, it’s a new way to play. It’s a very strange way to play. Well, it’s because it feels like you’re the third. I’ve played in the playoffs. We say, well, it’s OK to play small balls, just rockets.

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One of the best small forwards in the east of all star

You can see that this player is not developing towards this factory, nor can he be said to be a super top player in the league. In addition, in the past two years, the Pacers did not compete.

With the disintegration of Wuhu, the Pacers, under the leadership of Paul George, can play in the playoffs, but it’s more expensive to meet James, that is, they can’t pass James. If you want to insert this division, you will not be able to set off your own status. You are one of the best small forwards in the east of all star. In addition to James, it’s you, right?

James’s evaluation is very high. If we remove James, then the best small forward in the East is Paul George. Right? When we play this kind of record, well, I personally think it’s obviously not commensurate with our own identity. So we come to the West and .

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Although it doesn’t have to score high in the front game

Big determination is not enough, that is, since I let out what you want, I asked me to see if there is anything I can change for you. However, Celtic’s lineup really has nothing to take out and nothing must be taken out for whom. In fact, for Celtic team, it’s very simple now.

Although it doesn’t have to score high in the front game, it’s the season’s highest score, but after all, it’s still a negative asset. Last year, it’s not clean. Grandfather, it’s really a loss. What’s the use of a two-year 74 year contract? Do you expect to earn back the contract money of the first two years in the next two years? It’s more than 30 million. Except North Street, it’s 10 million, right? 20 million. Except north pole, it’s 7 million platform. In the next two years, it’s 10 million.

Celtic are too tired of the things that need to be operated under this system, both as father and mother. Right? On the court, there is no just point guard. Before the Cavaliers and James Bohr organized Hayward, no one organized. It’s not South Korea, it’s hofford. After the injury of Ou De, there was no one to organize. Ah, Owen’s role now, ah, I don’t need to read a book. I also know that the assists I may be struggling with are career highs. No, the highs are close to 11. I think so, because Er, this team. You can’t beat him if you don’t, right,

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Is it possible that Owen and James will gather in the Lakers again

And even green, the green warriors, can. So some friends say, is it possible that Owen and James will gather in the Lakers again? I said, everything is possible, but it is only more likely than the small a. the individual thinks that the probability is very low, very low.

I think the first requirement of Lakers’ recruitment, the first requirement is that the player should be connected seamlessly with James. It is very important to be able to cooperate with James. So which player is more necessary to cooperate with James as which player.

Ah, next year’s biggest brand, huh. I think the first member of the Lakers asked that the first year goal is just Thompson of the warriors. I personally think it’s very important and, uh, one thing that can be operated. Why, Thomson byowen came. More, with the Lakers or James, because we know how high Owen and James have been with us, how high he is, how high he is and how well Owen has been to Celtic, we can see Owen’s role in a whole.

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The first thing in the Warriors is that these situations are not won

I’ll talk to you about this, uh, something like trying to bully and intimidate. I’m right. I don’t have anything wrong. I just think you can go to the Spurs or stay in the thunder or just. The Lakers, our pre judgment and the probability of going to the Lakers are very high, right, very big.

Well, like James joined the Lakers and didn’t expect to go to the warriors, so you can’t predict Durant with the common eye. What circumstances can happen? Well, I think so. The first thing in the Warriors is that these situations are not won. The champion, everyone, this is a smile, and the negotiation will be more smooth. Right, if you give the money, you will be able to calm Durant. It must be the champion. If you win the championship, you will stumble. This is a great setback.

The team, among them, must have internal fight, right or wrong, the core has to have problems. We always emphasize a little bit of warriors. Ah, you want to beat him, right, you can not disintegrate him from the external force. He must have been from the inside. This collapse is internal fight.

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So this breakthrough is to play half of the game, only to finish half

It must be, to kill under the basket, ah, if there is no protection of the other big players, that is, all of them are squeezed in the middle, so that you can not reach the basket and release the basket. The bowmen can only stop jumping shot at last. So this breakthrough is to play half of the game, only to finish half, unless you think so at first. What do you say at first is that every time we play a key ball, we kill at last, fake pictures, needles, and usually don’t play under the basket. It is easy for fouls and fouls to play.

This kind of ball is very sensitive, and the referee won’t play it so you can see that these goals are hundreds of points larger. More than 80, all of them are to see by projection. All of them end with projection. Of course, three point kill is more important. It is no use to reach the cable, right. One behind three points and three points can only be done. Right, it is right.

Only those players with strong breakthrough ability can be able to do it. If you go down the penalty basket, you can kill them like James weishaoharden. Maybe he doesn’t even have Durant. He doesn’t even kill him. It’s basically a projection. To shoot, we say that is Lopez.

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A very smart player is also a basketball player with high intelligence

Yeah, let’s practice this technical quality. Well, this morning, it was reported that the best in the East and West, the best in the East, the best in the month, cousins, the best in the east of the South Island, and enbid was successfully elected. Right? We won’t say much, right? What’s the dispute about the league’s first center. Ah, it’s not me. It’s recognized by all.

Ah, it’s so simple, right? You said that koshins has to test again. Ensbid, koshins, the Tang poetry, and boasted that the league’s first center wanted to compete with, um, Peter. I think you can say that. It’s very cheeky. It’s very cheeky. Let’s take a look at this. What kind of platoon is the Rockets?

Of course, I don’t think it’s very useful to go up there, because, er, the rest of the teachers don’t play routine with you. He’s a technical school, which is good for anyone. Opponents, ah, he can solve problems, right?

A very smart player is also a basketball player with high intelligence, high technology and comprehensive, ah, gold oil, everywhere can shine, so the Rockets are weak in platoon. It doesn’t matter whether Aode starts or platoon. Anyway, it’s just to see.

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The five stars listed above

This kind of three-point all like curry, chew a piece, right? So many fans ask for tiles from saharden and cheat fouls. That’s right. As for shamelessness, you know, not eating is right. As a man’s sport, right? Well, you embody strength and beauty, right? Well, you all depend on it. Deception, obviously not even. Today, we can see that among the foreign media, ah, should not be, ah, appearance should be, ah, it seems that they can’t live.

The five stars listed above, James Durant, harden Owen and the fake leader must be five. One is a pair of five people. If the last point falls, who will you give the last ball to when the last point falls? This question has been hotly debated. OK, I would like to express some personal views on this matter. If the last point falls, who will give the last ball to James.

Don’t say that James 36 can’t shoot correctly, ah, two points is not the most accurate in the inside, ah, if you break through, you can’t drag in even if everyone defends the joint defense, right? If you are better than the projection ability, Owen and Durant are obviously superior. Leonard must be excluded. There is another one, ah, this, er, James Harden.

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