The two teams that can fight with the warriors are basically

If you don’t manage people, you will fall down a lot. That is, the opposite side of the rockets or the opposite side of the thunder is on the thunder side, hoping that the thunder team can win. Because it’s not in the eighth situation and the thunder can’t climb to the fourth situation, it’s impossible to meet the warriors. So whose fans do you say these people are.

Ah, it goes without saying that, tired warriors fans, curry Durant fans have realized, OK said, very directly realized that the thunder is terrible, I don’t want to meet the thunder ahead of time, rockets can say, I also think the West.

The two teams that can fight with the warriors are basically, er, the other teams are cut by the warriors. If you beat four to one, it will be a blessing to you. Basically, if you beat four to two, you will be able to admit your greatness. At the same time, we have already admitted your greatness. Haha, basically, that’s what it is. So we didn’t say that the Rockets must take the second place in the program. We just said that the Rockets can beat the thunder to the eighth episode when they can climb to the second place.

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The Rockets have come to the Lakers to take the responsibility of not losing in the playoffs


The Rockets have come to the Lakers to take the responsibility of not losing in the playoffs. James fans can relax. James can get up again. The second thing is, well, it’s also a good thing to cut Walton. Perry coffee is right. I think for the Lakers, it’s also, er, a good thing, a meritorious service, a meritorious service. I tend to strongly support that the Rockets cut Walton.

Young young young marshal, if you want to take on the responsibility of this team, er, you can lead this team. You, without a little means, without a little real material, you really can’t, really can’t, right? Well, including these old coaches and so on, why can you get people’s respect?

Why can you get so many big players’ approval? Yufu? You have to have a record, you have to have a record. Work hard, right? What’s the ability? It’s the same with the warriors. It’s the same with the warriors fans. Don’t avoid the Rockets. Don’t avoid the thunder. I think the champion team of the warriors should face all the difficulties. It’s better to work hard in the face of any difficulties.

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No team in the league can play with the Spurs

Including, James Wade, and so on. Well, this team plays with personal ability and talent. Ah, this is called a psycho team. You play routine with the Spurs. You play routine with the Spurs. No team in the league can play with the Spurs.

The Spurs will grind you to death in the end. In the future, you don’t think that, ah, one or two goals, the winner or loser has no ownership of one or two goals. At the end of the game, the Spurs, experience will press your final hit rate and press your final hit rate. Right. All, I didn’t grasp, well, I didn’t grasp the decision, ah, under such circumstances, the Spurs are more sophisticated, right? The teacher Fu is still very fierce.

When it comes to the playoffs, he will change his face, right? So is the Nuggets. The Spurs are more jealous of the continued discipline of a strategic force. Ah, no, so now that the Spurs have a 1-0 lead, ha has decided to hold fast to it. Really, the Nuggets are not a neurotic team. They don’t have personal talent. Not so many players have personal talent. So, it’s more difficult to fight against the Spurs than that.

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It’s clear that they want to win the world

From now on, the best and the most powerful will be eliminated. The big family should recognize this reality, because the arms race in the western region is becoming more and more fierce.

At the same time, Huang Jihuang said that with the lion of the warriors sleeping, well, these birds of prey. It’s a normal thing, for example, after the east old Zhan left, all the teams and arms races want to be king in the East. Ah, well, it’s clear that they want to win the world. Let’s talk about the 19-20 season. In fact, this season is a reserve season. It mainly points to the 20-21 season.

Some netizens want to ask, how much can Durant recover? How much can Thomson recover? Can modern medicine help. Durant is able to recover to 90% or even full blood. So we have to say that Achilles tendon injury is a very serious injury, right? How much can he recover? It’s a matter of probability. Is there a probability percentage.

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