Fencing Olympic champion Zhong man wears invisible eyes

Two people Paul and wade also accepted, the effect of myopia surgery Paul is, especially obvious, in the season after the surgery, his three-point shooting rate reached 41.1%, Paul was overjoyed, he said my doctor said that all his clients after the operation in the summer shooting are accurate, professional sports, the slightest ambiguity on the field will have to do with athletes The impact of neglect.

In terms of data, it may be only one or two percentage points, but the effect of the fact may be that there are relatively large sports with relatively large target objects in the sky and underground, basketball and competitions, such as table tennis, badminton, fencing and so on.

Winning or losing, the event requires a timely response to the change of a subtle technical action. The Olympic fencing champion, Zhongman, has been engaged in fencing and sports since 1997, but many people do not know that he has been wearing contact lenses. In order to see clearly on the field, he suffers from dry eyes.

What’s more, extreme sports need to wear a helmet in a sultry environment. Ah, it will only make her eyes more uncomfortable. In order to be able to stand on the field, not miss any details, and stab it in the effective parts clearly and accurately, Zhongman can only bear the inconvenience and pain of wearing glasses.

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