Owen won’t bring you

Speaking of Davis. Tone of voice, don’t think about these problems, because the probability is very small, very small, what reason we said on the last program, Anthony Davis is very clear now, I will not renew your contract, right? On the Celtic team, if you contact me, I will not renew your contract. I don’t need a surplus value of me in level 6. I’ll give you a fight. Right? When Owen can’t coexist, eh, I’ll change to Owen’s right ear. Do you want to ask me what’s almost right? I’m going to run away tomorrow. Owen won’t bring you any supplies. Is he crazy? Where am I.


To be specific, do you win the championship? If you don’t have the championship, you have the chance to interview, you don’t have the playoffs. What’s the money? All the teams have money. If you have money, you’re afraid that you don’t have a contract. If you ask me, if you have any questions, our first reaction is that you can trade with me. I won’t renew my contract with you anyway. All the questions he put forward are very simple. He has Anthony Davis to trade for an all star who can play in the team and is willing to play for us. No team will give them to them. I want to teach them a lesson. Young players, training, future use, right, this condition? Celtic team to meet? Can not meet

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Thompson and green

Now, it’s almost right for this longzopole, right? Pay attention to Boll and so on. Well, we’ve been saying before, ah, pol is a very good player. Many teams are, risking, ah, feeling that he has nothing to do with the transaction. But, the effect, but, he took this good seedling by accident, right? It didn’t play a decisive role. You didn’t give



Ingram, she didn’t want to trade with you. But, you gave Ingram, gave it, didn’t he? He had to take BOL away. That’s why I don’t think Bohr can give you. Come to make-up lessons quickly. Yes, you can choose. The Lakers should start first. Be quick. Anthony Davis, the contract, has settled down to avoid a long night’s dream. Ah, James, should also take action. Ah, all parties, efforts, should take action. Ah, if the Lakers want to be competitive in the next few years. Touch Anthony Davis is a must. Of course, we say that this is a three-level stage. The first disability is three of these. The barren trade may be the first level, Thompson and green. You can take one, weaken the warriors. This is the first advantage.

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Boer is such a player

Second, you have the materials. Do you know? Just do this job. If you come up, you won’t know you are unqualified. You know, no, so don’t look down on yourself. Well, you are not inferior to others. As long as you have the mind to think, any player can have a correct identification in your identification. This positioning ah, you go to verify it, you have to constantly think, constantly verify your ideas, through the game, of course, you have to every day is useless for us, ah, for us is useless, don’t think what we say you just want to pile ah pile up to help our team turn over to prove your strong useless.


Nine times out of ten, we all say yes. Nine out of ten, we all agree. You only account for 10% of the total. Can you improve your understanding of basketball? No, let’s say that the boss, Boer, is like this. The Suns are very good, very good, because they do organize guards. The team lacks a partner. Boer is such a player, I think the sun will be happy to accept it. Now the main consideration is: what is this problem? It is a question of signing the question of whether or not to do something and what the skin wants most. The Suns, now the league’s million bottom, right? He spent a whole year to do this, right? It’s certainly not easy to give the first round to you, because if he is the number one spot, it’s directly equivalent to using the number one spot. He spent money to exchange for a ronzopole, which he lost. So, what he traded out must be the protected first round. It’s absolutely right, right? You can’t take the top six. Maybe I won’t give it to you. Right? Well, if it’s unprotected, if it’s a protected right, I’ll say it’s for money, then it’s possible for the Suns to locate old zuopol.

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Popovich deserves the respect of every basketball fan!

Let’s talk about the Spurs, the Spurs. Oh, how do you say that? Well, at the beginning of the season, well, that’s what we said before the start of the game. Well, there are a lot of inconvenient reports from foreign media on some of the review websites. At that time, it was because of the bad Spurs’ statement that they couldn’t play in the playoffs. Er, due to the large amount of home Meng Meng Meng, Liang Nader and Dani green joined the team. For praise, it’s about pen, downgrade, and so on. So far, ah, it’s still in the playoffs, and the ranking is not bad. It’s also a good record. I can’t fall down. Ah, the second step is to the 80th position. Let’s talk about the Spurs,


At the beginning of the season, we gave it to you at the beginning of the season. You or the Spurs fans said it. This is well documented and you can go and have a look. You can go and listen to it. Then we said, you can’t believe it. You can’t believe it. You can’t believe it, but you can’t. Popovich, including, has maintained for more than 20 years and has not let the Spurs fans down. Yes, you can’t believe it, but you can’t but believe Popovich. Ah, it’s just a meritorious coach. I remember correctly that he was born in 1949, that is, how big the Republic is. How old is he? If he says something wrong, you are welcome to face

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Raptors started the season

Before midnight, he disclosed the information, er, it was not a piece of information. He even looked at the detainee’s view on the transaction, and explained his personal view that it was a long-term shopping volume. That’s very good. It’s very appropriate. Mm-hmm. now, there are rumors. Ah, now, I don’t know whether it’s true. The Raptors sent some cash. Seven people took the points to see if it’s true. Er, we said the Raptors started the season.


We said that the Raptors are the only team that we are optimistic about the East can kill, which is a record of absolute dust. At present, we should keep our attitude and keep this view. For the beginning of the season of this thing, there are fans who are negative and skeptical about our view. Then you can play happily. In the Raptors, the team, the ordinary, this kind of rest, for a while Lori does not talk about that for a while, no, yes, the protection of Leonard is very careful. Now, we can play the second best chase in the East and the first bucks in the East. You can see his strength. The 2.76 man team is now auspicious.

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McGrady asks for tickets

If you sell all season, it’s almost back. In the case of one-third of the season, ah, the playoffs haven’t been played yet, right? You don’t have to let the Laker fans, the fans who are looking forward to Anthony, the Jersey and the playoffs are right? Well, James has so many players, pants and ram, right? Well, if you buy them, they may be out of print, right. Anthony, right? Obviously, Anthony’s jersey is not worth any money. It’s really worthless. So, ah, it’s not possible to sign a contract because there is no chance to save time. Right, even if we want to sign a contract, it should be as early as possible. It should not be at this time. McGrady asks for tickets, so it’s about Beasley.


If you have a friend, why do you want to trade? Is it possible to move back now, right? Well, I’ll tell you, it’s very unlikely. We’ll try not to make a face, and try to be conservative. Let’s analyze this matter for you. Of course, you can hear my personal meaning. Well, as we said before, ah, zubartz, abisley, what kind of deal? Don’t be distressed. There’s nothing to be distressed about. Let’s go. The words are good. You can’t hear them

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James still fought against the Celtics

You go, look, look, in that environment, the data was already the top level of the league. Now, we don’t talk about playing fast and scoring high. You can push it forward for ten years. At that time, you can have a look, compare and say this again. Celtic was in that era. 08091009 Garnett as like as two peas in the 09 finals, Garnett did not get hurt. He was in the finals for three years. The three finals were exactly the same as the Lakers’ level. In the 10 years and 11 years, James still fought against the Celtics in the 10 years. Right? You know, Haier, although this was the era of ruling class in the East, the ruling level, you would not be able to make a start if you didn’t form a giant. Now, a team is no longer in a league, which team is no longer an All-Star, right. Seven people do this, right, including the Rockets. But now they don’t have money. Is it right for one or two people to do this? Because swimming is right. There’s no way. If you want to say that, cool gift bag Durant team Durant explodes the thighs of warriors, so brave fans dare to admit it, right? You go to black James.


Friends are fans. Have a fight with Durant fans first, and then they slide away, right

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a symbol of war in ancient china!

If this is the case, I think that if the Lakers leave their pants, is it just that we leave the pants? If you choose the performance, the center is willing to be loyal to the team. Hum, it’s also a good thing. This player is still good. Well, in the future, if we sign the big three, and then the contract year comes, we will be short of a, er, cheap contract. These fake contracts are more than 20 million yuan and 18 million yuan. Is it possible that we don’t want to leave the Lakers yesterday.


Let’s play the program. Some netizens leave us a message, that is, to recall the past, to remember the past, to imagine a lot of things, to have a lot of beautiful pictures in this mind, like a screening piece by piece. I can go to see Jordan’s two all stars in 2002 and 2003. It’s really meaningful, especially the one in 2003. When Maria Carey was in the midfield, I remember it was in the midfield, the midfield or the opening. Forget, er, he sang a hero by Maria Carey. Touching ah, touching, you can go to have a look, you are you are free to search it, you anyway Baidu ah all kinds of Tencent ah video, you go to search ah, complete the whole to read this article, ah, you on your mood is how. Leave me a message. Hah, I’ll tell you, it’s you. But those who have experienced that period of time must have this feeling, and they should have this kind of spiritual resonance. When Maria began to sing the hero, Jordan’s eyes were full of tears. Um, there were tears in their eyes.

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Paul George? Thunder has only one master!

We talked about Paul George in the last program. We said that we never doubt that Paul George is a very good player, but it is because of his ability to hold the ball and control the wheel. In the same level of athletes, weak, so blocked, his online analogy James into the league, the Cavaliers is the organization of small forward all-round model, Durant that year in the thunder team Westbrook injury, Wei Shao injury in the half season of a month or two. Durant led the thunder team to No.1 in the west by himself. Now the letter song brings the bucks to the first in the league. The Bucks take the first controllable plate, attack with the ball, organize the rebounds, do everything. Plus.


Simmons, Simmons of the 76ers, ah, in his heart, there are two Simmons big Simmons organization core, small forward organization core, control board master, he is the absolute core of the empty team, right, this is for all to see, the ball holding ability is not lip service. All competitions can be observed. Of course, Paul George is not bad, but compared with these athletes or these athletes, the same age level of Paul George is weaker. Paul George is 29 years old. You, compared with Simmons, 23 years old, where are you? You, there are 23-year-old letters, gokumbo. No, where’s the ability to get the wheel? No, now, I’ve reached the peak of my career. I can’t say that Simmons and the alphabet are not as good as you at 29. No way

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Celtic people have no doubt that they don’t need them!

We can also talk about the MVP, the last 20 games. I believe many fans are very concerned about it. I personally think that if the selection comes to an abrupt end now, then it is the Bucks letter. There is no dispute about it. I personally think that other players don’t want to think about it. The only way to do this is, er, there is a 20 game game game behind huden of the Rockets. It’s almost the same to print out the data. But for the Celtic team, there are many problems with the Celtic team. We said, ah, what’s going on? Celtic team has been losing games in a row. Ah, how can we say that? It’s accompanied by the little Thomas, who has played well recently. Then let’s talk about the characteristics of the fetus and the understanding of the team, Celtic.


Well, what kind of team is this team? In the East, it’s the playoff level defensive team. In the past few years, it’s just like this. They all rely on the tenacious defense to destroy the opponents. The last ball was, you met the Celtic team, and then you played the score. It’s very low. He plays very low. His ability to limit opponents is very strong. But in the East, in the environment of the East, there are not many super first-class offensive teams. Last season, the Cavaliers can also rank in the top five of the league. No alliance

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