Don’t say goodbye to us in advance!

People say it’s not one or two things in front of us. We’re not sure about 20 things. We’re going to watch the Nuggets and the Spurs. This game is very important. Now it’s very dangerous for the Spurs to be 80-75 ahead of the Nuggets. If the Spurs want the Spurs to take the lead, she can kill you. There are still the fourth quarter games behind. He can touch you slowly and slowly. If you open the gap by more than 10 points, if the gap reaches more than 10 points in the fourth quarter, the Nuggets are basically weak. This series can be publicized.


By the end of the series, we have said that we are worried about the Nuggets in the East and west of the first half. The only thing we worry about is that the Nuggets are really likely to get hurt. If the Spurs open a 10 point gap, according to the experience and ability of the Spurs, it won’t give you a chance to turn over. There are Durant and curry or Wei Shao, right? Only the superstar level team can give you personal ability, and the team with super ability can let go of the Spurs, so they are determined not to have the strength to play the routine, but they can’t play the Spurs. Now let’s continue to have a look. The third quarter has just finished. The Spurs are seven points ahead of the 82-75 spurs, which is a fatal atmosphere. The fatal atmosphere is very, very important and crucial. The Nuggets are on the line of life. If the score is down, the Spurs 75 are better than the 82 nuggets, and the Nuggets are not safe now. It’s a very dangerous score

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NBA manipulation.

Can you imagine the Clippers to win the championship? No way. The Clippers don’t have such strength. Today’s game also verified our statement. We also support why the Clippers support the reasons they want to support, because we need to block the warriors, who can block the warriors, who can make a name in history. I believe there is no dispute that the warriors can cross the clippers, right? I hope we can be beaten in the face by NBA manipulation. This kind of face beating is very honored and glorious, you know? Hum, we say that in the league, I personally think that the most powerful team to compete with Warriors in the west is the fire arrow team and the thunder team.


Look at the thunder. Now, if you can’t make it through the first round or four rounds, you’ll have to meet the warriors in the Western Conference finals. This possibility is so low. I feel that the first round can beat the Warriors is great good news. We said that the thunder team can be in the eighth position. Look at the warriors have those good-looking, right? The Rockets are in the second and third position, ah, it’s good to play in the western finals, right? Now, it’s not what people want, but? Well, the Rockets can also play in the position of warriors in the second round, and then they can talk to the warriors directly

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Crazy bombing!

Let’s talk about the game. The Blazers finished the game against the thunder team. It’s so good. The current game is our judgment. The prediction summary is very close, right? Turn forward. You can’t find it, can you? All of them are very clear. Well, the netizens said, ah, what are we talking about? I’ll look at the title of issue 1507. I’ll just look at the title, and then recall what I said at that time. I want me to go and listen to what I said before. I don’t have the time 1507, right? 1526, just this morning, before the game started at seven o’clock, we said, 1507, we mocked Wei Shao’s triple double results, so we said the results were given to the team.


Originally said the negative impact, this year played very well, 30 plus 30 plus this morning, we said, there must be a Wei Shao 30 plus 30 and 40 plus in the two home games. You don’t want us to say that we can’t say it. 40 means I don’t have the courage. If I don’t have the courage, a friend will say it. What’s this? I can do it. You can do it, right? You can predict, right? Yes

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analogy Leonard James Durant

If you compare yourself to James Durant or something like Leonard, rubber and tape it, it’s a shame. It’s really self humiliating. As we said, Paul George has played for so many years, and now he is not young. He should have, already, averaged more than 25 points per game. How many seasons have you seen? Although he has played very high points this year, he has scored very high points. Compared with these superstars, plot super, superstar, your rising speed, ah, your pace is too slow, ah, but some people say that Paul George is injured or something, that’s no way. You’re not what I said and I can’t control, right? Let’s just say that the fact is that you reach this age and you are now. This score, right? To achieve this kind of state, you slow, analogy these superstar superstar players, you know, no ball control ability, ah, we say no ball holding ability, we say this position does not need you, control has no ball holding ability, Paul George, analogy Leonard James Durant.


What’s tiring is that they have no executive ability, which is worse than all of them. Therefore, its rising space is very narrow and narrow. Therefore, the combination of Paul George and Wei Shao is not as good as Durant and Wei Shao. This is absolutely true. There is no room for bargaining.

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The Spurs dig for gold in Tianwang mountain!

I’ll go over and talk about it. The Nuggets are very important to the Spurs. Tianwangshan is very important, very important, very important, right? So we said that the Spurs ah, this decision is very dangerous, the Spurs are very old, ah, if you get Tianwang mountain by the Spurs, basically, you will say goodbye, the last game played 3:1, you also got Tianwang mountain in vain. When you get Tianwang mountain, you decide to pay a visit. In other words, you can take it away more responsibly. The Spurs won’t give you a chance at home. What you have to do is to use various solutions, use various methods, ah, 18 kinds of martial arts skills, ah, let you know, Popovich’s killer.


If you play the sixth game in the Spurs’ home court, however, you will have to go back to the killer’s mace. Ah, of course, if you can’t win Wang Sheng’s case, the sixth game will also be a killer’s mace. At that time, this game is the most important and best to watch. I’ll tell you that many teams will care, especially the Blazers and thunder will observe the sixth game. This is all the weapons of the Spurs. Do you understand this game, do you understand? This kind of play, which is the final killer of this routine, can basically kill the Spurs in the semi-finals, but if you can’t understand it or you can’t deal with the situation, you will be killed by the boss.

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Everything is possible!

The Clippers are 78-66 ahead of the warriors. Oh, this is a good game. This is the fast pass. It’s still rhythmic. It’s forced to create suspense. Today we have to play 2-3. Today, we have to inject 230 kinds of feelings. When we hit 2-3, we will return to the clipper’s home court. Well, clippers fans still want to win a game. In fact, fast food is not. Let’s make it clear that the rocket’s fire is black. I see you and you have black head. Ah, he started to celebrate warmly. He dragged the warriors to death. I think it’s very good. It’s good to fight the warriors in this way. Ah, we should support the opposite of the game. We are always the opposite of selfish warriors. We should listen to the comparison of the warriors we always support.


No matter who the warriors play, we all support the opposite. Ah, but actually speaking, the film and television should be better, not better. It is the best team. Ah, come on, according to the truth, it can’t beat the warriors. But we also said in the previous program. If the clippers can really inspire the warriors, then we are smelly, cobblers, willing to be slapped in the face, ah, willing to be crazed in the face. This is a game recorded in history. Oh, absolutely. It’s a classic game in the past 20 years. Ah, you can take one of them away, because no one will believe the warriors will. It’s a big joke. It’s a big joke. It’s a big joke. It’s really a big joke. But we’re going to say the warriors, ah, get a game for the Clippers. We’re just saying it’s bad luck. If, in those two games, there’s something wrong with that sentence. It must be, there are problems. What are these problems? Apple, NBA, manipulation force. I can’t reach this level at present. Only through the analysis and discussion of everyone in the future, and the observation that has been read, can we make accurate positioning. You are not finished now.

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76ers can beat the Raptors or not

Why is there lorry in the back position? Not to say it’s very good. It’s barely enough. It’s just this set of lineup, ah, siacamu, right? And, siacamu, such good physical conditions, ah, height, arm length, defense area, moving speed can be called.


This is excellent, er, it can’t come from the vision alone. When I imagined it, I had to imagine that all seven people would have to be killed, ah, one by one on top of each other, and there was no one on top of each other, which said that it would definitely suffer a loss. No position is not dominant. Finally, we would like to say that no matter whether the 76ers can beat the Raptors or not, this season, well, I think it is also a relatively successful season in terms of operation. Fat, players, ah, focus on the seven people team to attack the championship. Ah, I think this operation must be correct, ah, because Simmons and Nb have matured. Some netizens said that Simmons and other things like redevelopment and long-range casting ability should be gradually opened up. Well, their playing style has been finalized, and there is no much change. Ah, including the increase of memory, it can not be completed in a short time. If you really play until you are 30, you have to discuss to win the championship. It’s too long

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Raptors swallow 76 people alive!

Of course, the Nuggets beat the Spurs in the way they fear. Ah, this is actually what we call it, because the play of the plot is restraint. Now, it should be reasonable. Of course, if the Spurs win the ball in the end, there will be no accident. It is true that both sides have the possibility of winning at the last moment, but we have to say that we really think that the Spurs won this game.


The probability is greater. Now, the fact, contrary to our prediction, we also boldly admit that there are 1600 programs. We won’t have the last one. As long as you listen to the program, you can subscribe as long as you think what we say is good. Ah, if it’s not good, there is no problem. Ah, seven people will talk about the game of seven against the Raptors. Some netizens said, we didn’t watch the game. To be honest, I didn’t watch it. It wasn’t Simmons. It was for Leonard. It was also a debate on integration. Liang Nader. Er, I’ll say that. No matter Simmons or who went to Fangxian for treatment, I think it’s futile. Why do you say that. Because, when a player like Leonard reaches the level of the playoffs, he is the same level as Durant and James. You have to make sure that they are the same level. Simmons can’t be at the same level with them. Athletes including Jimmy Butler are the same as Jimmy Butler. It’s almost impossible to limit the number of 76ers. We say superstars, superstar players, Durant James, including Leonard, can’t be defended. You can only limit them. He has limited restrictions on players like curry.

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Hardon’s has a chance

Yes. At the last moment, you have to go with the warriors, ah, there is no team in the whole league that can give the warriors the ability to go all out, reach the last moment of each other to draw a point, you fight the last goal to win. Well, you can still fight for luck, right? If you are ahead of your back, Liu’s is three points ahead and still has the whole world, you have to fight with the warriors for the final goal percentage. Hardon’s has a chance to level the game, right? If you can’t make it, you’ll have to wait for the discussion.


It’s not that Hardon is not good, but it is. Warriors have traps. They force you to shoot three-point shots. They play with him in the percentage of hits on the outside line. As we said in our program yesterday, ah, warriors are like traps that force opponents to come to life. Force, she with her own outside line projection, the hit rate is sometimes increased by a foot thick ah, this can not be said to be a chess player, but also the whole, the strength is strong, there are many stars, a thick family background, a big gap in strength. Well, we all know that. Ah, I told you that it hurt a little bit. But I think I can shoot a few shots. In fact, ah, hope to win. Goddess, stand on the side of the Rockets, support the rockets and challenge the warriors

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Enbid abdicates! A new master!

The game between the 76ers and the Raptors began in the second half, and the Raptors fought back a little bit. Well, we have to say, ah, because the netizens asked us that we would continue to support the Raptors, we would like to play six games. Ah, some games, ah, this is a certain aspect, but we don’t want to be zero. Right, let’s talk about some personal opinions. Ah, why, it’s actually very simple. We watch the ball for so long. It’s mainly about the content of basketball. It’s a wonderful game. 4-0. In our definition, it’s meaningless. It’s a waste of time and time, right. For example, for example, the hope of two boxers fighting in the whole field is that there is mutual return and return, right? This is boxing. This is boxing. I don’t want to see that one side is heavy, the other side is suppressed for more than ten seconds, and then it is finished.


I don’t like watching it. I like watching long plays. I’ve played enough in the world championship, right? In the last round, I knocked down the opponent in the last round. What’s the most wonderful one-sided game in one or two rounds? It’s tasteless. It’s boring to chew it up, so it’s so boring. We’ve been helping, 76ers, finding problems and finding solutions

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