Celts! Treat people with sincerity!

Let’s talk about the Celtic team. Before that, we were all following the changes of the times. The Celtic team talked about the team and the development of these teams. Not only don’t say it’s Celtic team, then I’ll tell you that Celtic team is talking about Baines and making room. Ah, the SLR is, it’s true. I don’t think it’s too big an accident. Netizens curse all the time. Well, if you’re a Celtic fan. You really, ah, you can only share wealthiest, ah, together, Ronghua can not share weal and woe, ah, Celtic team, ah, this team? It’s really like this, it’s true that he can only share weal and woe with you, ah, common wealth, not with you.


In other words, this team has always done something shamelessly, that is to say, it is not shameless for the team to do so. Sleep and so on, right? And take into account some, face, ah, but the Celtic team’s actions and practices in recent years have blocked their own way. If they want to turn over again, they have to save their character. Ah, from now on, they have to save their character. Of course, no one is happy, right? Ah, there are, ah, yes, it is. But the cost is too high to consolidate South Korea This kind of treatment, the price is really too big, you see, ah, Celtic team in recent years, what has been done, is not very smart, is really very smart and very smart, a lot of things. Make a lot of money, ah, or yes, I traded with you, ah, my competitors were all given to the pit, ah, the NBA League, right, there is a relationship between competition and cooperation, ah, any business is only to earn no loss, right

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Big event! Come and watch!

There’s no level. Really, there’s no level. Let’s talk about Durant now. There’s a rumor that Durant will join Owen to the basketball and nets team. Er, I think the credibility of this matter is at least 2%. Let’s test why this is so. We shared these programs with you in February last year and February this year. We said that Durant and Owen would probably leave the team and leave their existing team to go to New York. That is, New York, the Knicks have never thought of the nets. They have never thought of unforgettable. We mean the New York Knicks, but now things have changed. This change is mainly due to ah, it can be said that 99% of the changes are due to Durant’s injury problem. Dr. Durant said that we should be shocked. To change the pattern of the league, I will tell you at the first time that many things are directly or indirectly related to Durant’s injury. Now in New York, the Knicks are hesitant about the introduction of Durant and Owen, which is very beneficial.



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Face contest begins!

At 10:30 p.m., 10:20, there are more than ten hours, ten hours, then the door of NBA free market will be opened. The door is about to open. Welcome to buy. Ah, all teams are welcome to buy. In our personal judgment, we have already said in previous programs. Ah, we have also made a special program. Ah, these 7788 players are almost in place. Ah, they are basically in place. For other players on the sidelines, let’s talk about it in the future. Which team is it? Let’s talk about these big names one by one, right? Some netizens ask why we are so confident, right? I’m not confident, but there’s no way. We have to predict.


We also predict the performance of our program. It’s very powerful. Accurate prediction. If you don’t predict our program, it will lose its meaning, right? I’m not confident. I don’t have much confidence, because it’s about the selection of players. There are too many things to consider. Ah, I can only from my personal understanding. For these players, the attribution ah, the restaurant needs its own personal judgment, but ah, even in the end, er, there is an accident, we also accept Ah me. Accept, fan friends’ faces, ah, also accept fans’ sarcasm, this affirmation, er, I think all things point to the issue of nade’s belonging. I don’t expect to do it at this time tomorrow. As for the fastest speed, we have to meet and talk about it. So, can other big players, can we wait? Yes, can we wait? Can we wait? It’s about the Lakers, the Rockets, the 76ers? So many teams, New York and Los Angeles

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two Los Angeles Clippers and Ross

Now, let’s see, ah, here comes the Los Angeles Lakers, two Los Angeles Clippers and Ross. If you don’t consider the reason of James, we will say that if we don’t consider the reason of James, we will say that if we don’t consider the reason of James, which one should be chosen by a large number of teams. Then, ah, we can also say that if we want to make decisions about the two old players, is it because James is because the Lakers have James.


Therefore, neither of them is willing to join the Laker team. We have to say, oh, it doesn’t matter who you cooperate with but who you cooperate with. It doesn’t matter what your teammates are and what form your teammates are. First of all, if Durant and Durant are not involved in the world, how can we take the advantage of you in the world. After you win the championship, you can call x MVP. If you have the strength, you can go. Really NB P doesn’t need people to let me believe that Anthony Davis of the two islands doesn’t need James, let them FNV P right. So judging from the current form, well, chat, that, for a whole year in the Raptors, I believe he has also been very clear about what the Raptors can give him, and this account is, the proof can be calculated, and all of them have been calculated for a whole year. For a whole year, what can the Raptors give him? He doesn’t know what contract he can give her Do you know?

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Leonard can’t really be said to love

When I lose, there are all kinds of doubts, doubts about myself, secrecy, Carmelo, fennel and bridge. The road ahead for the new season is arduous. I will boldly predict it. Well, I’m very confident. I’m very confident. I’m very responsible to share my personal thoughts with you. The clippers, the Los Angeles Clippers, will not be ranked one or two in the western region in the next season. If we look forward to a few seasons, the warriors will be besieged by many fans. The two leading stars of curry Thomson are innocent, honest and worthy of people’s respect. On the contrary, the Los Angeles Clippers, ah, they are unpopular. It’s obvious that the two leading stars have such behavior and speech. Obviously, the wind is very bad now, and the road ahead is very arduous.


I don’t think the clippers can win the championship of the league in 1922 with modern virtue. I’ll sentence him to death now. Ha ha, I’m joking. Ah, mainly from this strength, ah, I don’t think the clippers can win the 1962 season championship. For my friends, I didn’t ask me. Why do we have such a high evaluation of Paul George, ah, so much love for Leonard can’t really be said to love, right? It’s just last year, we all supported the Toronto Raptors and a large number of them won the championship, so, irritable, to this season, right? Why don’t we look forward to this team. Not very optimistic, because we are objective, ah, because we generally agree that is right, then the team is strong, weak is weak, right

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the basketball and nets team

We know that in the title race, if you pay. But if you don’t succeed, you will lose more. Now for the nets, it is mainly to stabilize the situation and situation, and win over the vast majority of fans in this area of New York, which is the most important, because from the present point of view, New York, in the next three to five years. Both of them will not be able to compete with the net opponents in terms of the record and the team’s ability. Therefore, the basketball and nets team, for the current time, they are still very abundant in time to prepare for the first hand, absorb more fans, lay a good foundation, and prepare for the second hand.


With good fans, a greater economic base, and then looking for star players and the possibility of attacking the championship, we have to say, er, three years and five years is nothing for a team, but for a player, three years and five years may be a career. From this point of view, Owen has just won some fans and won some money interests. But from the championship competition, it is almost impossible to have some fans after the last program is finished. Thank you for our comments on Owen. In our next program, we will focus on Owen and his several wrong decisions in his career, to outline Owen’s character and his inner thoughts.

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I don’t know whether the data is accurate or not

18 years old, this year’s NBA ah, 18 years old less than 18 years old, the NBA was 19 years old and under 19 years old, 20 years old, 21 years old and 22 years old. Among these five age groups of players, they entered the NBA and gave help to the team in terms of the data played by the players in the first year. Who are the best players at this age? They are Michael Jordan. I can tell from my memory, Michael Jordan, Robinson Duncan, and I remember O’Neill or who. Anyway, it should be James or O’Neal. Let’s take one of two.


Fall in love with something. It’s conceivable that things are tied to the brain. Er, I don’t know whether the data is accurate or not. But, ah, from the memory impression, it seems that his data is very outstanding. So for this player, I think it’s just beginning. Graduation, young, young, players, um, you can choose it as your favorite star or chasing star. It’s OK for me to find another one who can win the championship as the current Er, this pursuit goal, right? So. Well, let’s take care of it in the autumn, especially the young fans. The new fans may be the main figures who will dominate the NBA in the next ten years. Of course, in the next ten years, of course, there will be things in the northeast, right? And Simmons in the East.

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The Eastern team is lazy

Which players want to play in the playoffs, which teams, want to play the playoffs, so it’s OK to try hard, the nets are OK for them, if they try hard, they can play the playoffs, but ah, if everyone wants to play the playoffs. Well, the nets, then go hunting. Don’t think that Owen is a sure bet. The Eastern team is lazy, but it’s a whole bad level. Almost another question is whether Durant can come back in the middle or the end of the season to lead the nets to attack the playoffs. I think, well, don’t look at Durant this year. His comeback probability is extremely low.


The nets will not take this risk. This is the first point. Second, Durant’s key to exercise this injury. If you have a little common sense, you can know that it will ruin his career, but I personally don’t believe Durant can. Since then, I have always held this view. In addition, I hope Durant can play more games if he can watch one game more than one game. Ah, he can play more years. Although he is not the Durant, he also hopes that he can play all the time. If he can’t get 27 8 points per game or 20 points per game.

Well, I don’t think it’s a big problem. Of course, health is the most important thing.

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The helmsman’s name is Harrell!

Don’t think about it. Conley Conley is a player who, from my understanding, doesn’t decide the fate of the Jazz team. Don’t expect too much from this player. He is not the Savior at all. He is not a player who can influence the game. It depends on other players. The Jazz team is strong as a whole. We said, yes, in the position of his front line ability balance, um, this game still lost, ah, you can see, ah, gobel, gobel, you can see, of course, when it comes to the playoffs, I think the jazz and the Clippers are still against each other. The Clippers’ biggest killer seems to be the Lakers. The second killer is not necessarily XX. The second biggest killer, I think, or mutual ability. This can be compared with each other. In fact, it is the Jazz team, because his risk ability is very strong. Er, his current problem is mainly his arm.

timg (27)

Only, defense can not, attack and defense, today was also destroyed by Harrell, Harrell’s ability to rush and grab rebounds in the front court is I think it is underestimated by goebbel. Well, don’t underestimate this kind of ability to attack and grab rebounds in the front field. If you meet Gerber, but you don’t have to say it is. Lung cancer is the nature of crushing, right, um, or this problem, ah, gobel has always been the problem, can only prevent but not attack, but where the arm to have a little attack ability, of course, this requirement is too much, if the arm to have a little attack ability, then he will become the league’s Super Center, right? If you want to meet the Lakers, it is not the nature of attack and defense.

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Durant fans should not be unhappy

But I think her online is not high, to build the finals through it, ah, it is very difficult for the team to win the championship, but it can be packaged and traded through the contract of zero price, then the final cooperation can be achieved. At the end of the two years’ career here, the peak period. In addition, Thomson is in charge of the championship and the Western championship. I think this is ideal. Finally, I want to say that Durant is still talking about Durant in the program, so we should pay attention to Durant’s character has not changed over the years. I think, ah, Durant fans should not be unhappy or sad after listening to this player. He is a player with a narrow mind. His mind is not broad enough. These things will pass away, right? They are both sides.


Well, it’s not good for both sides. If you take the world out and say it’s not good for you, it’s not good for the warriors. After all, the warriors didn’t go too far in this matter, and it’s going on with Durant’s will. Then Durant didn’t say anything to the warriors at that time. Any meaning, or in other words, is the expression and complaint to the warriors, right? But I believe that one day, in the near future, Durant will definitely take place against his Achilles tendon training. Shoot the warriors. We’ll see. You can mark it here

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