Missile team, is it internal strife or paranoia?

The rocket team’s own shot, the number of more rounds, the number of shots is the same as the road repair, plus Hadden and Paul harden and weishao. These two men have taken up 50 shots. The other players of other teams, in half of them, only ate 50% of them. So the victory or defeat depends entirely on these two people. Now Wei Shao is still playing well, reducing the three-point ball, shooting, I have observed. In addition, the media reported that Wei Shao is now the king of the middle distance. He is very accurate in the middle distance and the two-point shot is very accurate.

I don’t know. The report is true. It’s not true. However, he’s reducing three points of shooting, adding more, breaking through and two points. This is absolutely correct. We have also said before, about Wei Shao’s comments, including last year’s postseason, last year’s thunder team’s game. Wei, less this player will have to reduce three-point shooting, that is, if you need you, you have to, if the head is not forced by B head, Liangshan, then you can play the most confident breakthrough ah, after all, breakthrough is Wei Shao’s best weapon, then harden’s play in this game. I vaguely feel that the missile pair may be internal. The crisis is that the two players have had internal strife. Now it seems that, ah, this game has eliminated half of the doubts. If, ha, Deng’s, the rear can still regain self-confidence, er, we can only say that Hadden may have self-confidence. There are ups and downs in people’s state. Up to now, the ball has been shot more than 20 times in this game, and it needs 30 points. If you take a close shot, you can play this state back through the following several games. Then, the troublemakers still have no problem. The main problem is the lack of information, so we can say that our observation. Missiles are not so timely and accurate.timg (28)


Adriana Varejao, Brazilian painter. Born in Rio de Janeiro in 1964. From 1981 to 1985, he studied in the school of visual arts. Currently living and working in Rio de Janeiro.

Atlas is a giant god in Greek mythology, and it is also the name of a group of mountains in northwest Africa.


At a glance, the whole picture is colorful and very decorative. In addition to the large cone-shaped area in the center of the picture is brown and flesh color, blue and green constitute the main color of the picture. It seems that the distribution of colors follows the law of gravity in Physics – the lighter it is, the heavier it is. But just as there is no absolute boundary between heaven, earth and hell, the blue, brown and green colors are also mutually contained and permeated; it is also like the moment when the universe was first formed – the giant Brown God atlas ??In chaos, like Pangu in ancient China, he “shoulders the sky” and his huge head is hidden in the blue sky; his feet are on the ground, and the feet of the giant spirit are deeply buried in the green earth

Saint security guard Jenkins announced he would join CNN

On Monday, Saint security guard Malcolm Jenkins announced that he would join CNN as a contributor.

“For several years, I have been supporting grassroots organizations and non-profit activities to promote social equity such as education and wealth distribution,” Jenkins said in the video. I believe I can speak for other athletes and journalists will not let the world sleep again. ”


“In this important election year, I am very happy to join the CNN family and share my views through being a contributor. Thank you to CNN for recognizing the voice of professional athletes. ”

Jenkins co founded the players coalition with former NFL outsider Anquan Boldin, who won the players union Byron white award in 2017 for his contribution to the community. The veteran, who has played for the eagles for the past six years and joined the saints this offseason, is the first non retired olive player to join CNN.

Saints running coach: camara hopes to perform better in 2020

Alvin kamara’s knee and ankle injuries last season were a major concern and he missed two games. Even when playing, camara is not completely healthy.

“He’s the only one who knows what he’s been through, and I know he didn’t stay 100 percent last season,” said Joel Thomas, the saint’s running coach. Back, knee, ankle But he did his best. ”

“In a word, his 75% may be higher than others’ 100%, so he is still trying to play.”




Camara last season’s total push yards 1330, reached the array six times, both the lowest figures in his career, but this is still enough to be selected into the professional bowl. His best performance last year came from the 9.22 game against the Seahawks: 69 yards for the ball, 92 yards for the ball, twice for the formation.

Thomas said: “he wants to perform better this season than last. This is the best expression of the competitive spirit, not only satisfied with last season’s achievements, but also continue to pursue a higher level. “

Nets and head coach Atkinson parted ways, what do you want to say?

Atkinson helped the nets stay in the playoffs after two of the team’s top stars played only 20 games in total, and then he left class. Fans naturally associate with the rumors in the locker room of the nets, and the current news seems to point at the same time. The nets and Atkinson parted ways, partly because of internal unity. This kind of thing, which is right or wrong, can’t be explained clearly. If we talk about it more, it will be blacked out. Let’s talk about my impression of the nets this season. In the off-season of 2019, I wrote the basketball net’s season outlook. The judgment of the 19-20 season is roughly as follows: first, they may not be stronger than the 18-19 season, because under the premise that Durant does not play in a season, the result of the flow of basketball players, at least in terms of paper strength, may not be much stronger than last season; second, even without Durant, their attack should be It’s not bad either, especially considering that the team has Owen, Dwight dinwick and leville, three defenders who often go on a rampage in the last quarter, the game of the nets should be very promising;


Coach Panther: the defense team will experience growing pains in the new season

It is a difficult task to introduce a new defensive system into a new team by relying on a new coaching team.

Now the off-season, which has been affected by the outbreak, makes the task even more difficult. Phil snow, the new defense coordinator for the Carolina Panthers, also faces the challenge, having to teach tactics from a distance. He needs to improve the defensive team that lost nine of last season’s starters.

“Hey, there’s really no excuses in this business, no one wants to hear excuses – and we won’t give them excuses,” Snow said. “Obviously it would have been better if we had been able to train in the last two and a half months, but that’s the reality.”


The loss of points of the Black Panther defense team last season was the second most in the league, and the number of yards advanced by opponents per game was slightly better, with 374.5 yards being the tenth in the league. But the bigger problem is that now the Panther defense team is all young players.

Of the nine starters who left the team, Luke kuechly, the core guard, retired during the off-season, Mario Addison, the defensive end forward, joined Buffalo Bill, and Eric Reid, the security guard, became a free agent. They are replaced by young players and rookies. This may be a necessary decision for the Panthers, who need to think about the future.

How to do re marketing?

Now there is a growing demand for mobile app re marketing. Maybe you will also have the demand for app re marketing now ~ so let’s talk about our specialty – Mobile re marketing advertising. (the style of this article is more positive, but I have marked out the key points to facilitate quick reading ~) what is mobile re marketing? Mobile application re marketing (APP Retargeting), as the name implies, is the secondary marketing for mobile applications. By identifying the corresponding users of the app and showing them redirected ads during the use of other apps, the lost users can return to the app again, or wake up the activity of inactive (or not active) users, thus bringing more users to buy, or interact with each other, and improving the user life cycle value (LT) as a whole V???? Remarketing vs. users’ access to Bain’s survey data show that: in the commercial society, 5% of users’ retention means 30% profit growth, and the probability of selling products to old users is three times that of new users. In comparison, it is more important to activate the activity of old users and retain potential users. Re marketing is different from user acquisition. It will not get more users by spreading the Internet. Instead, it will locate users with higher profits (or more likely to bring profits) through algorithm, or recall them by placing ads that are more attractive to lost users.

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The process of printing clothes on heat transfer paper


[transfer process]:

1. Do not preheat your clothes.

2. The heat transfer paper pulls the heat up button of the heat transfer machine between 350-375 degrees Kelvin (177-190 degrees Celsius), and waits for it to heat up to the set point.

3. After the image printed on the heat transfer paper is completely dry, trim the whole image along the blank edge of the image (no edge can be seen after trimming).

4. Hold any corner of the blue grid edge of the heat transfer paper, slightly pull the paper on the corner, the paper will be pulled out and the paper will be easily peeled off.

5. First peel away a small triangle from the heat transfer paper.

6. Then you should carefully balance and peel off the lower heat transfer paper from the blue grid paper.

7. Put the side with image on the place where the clothes need to be transferred, and make sure that the image is flat and smooth on the clothes before transfer. Put another piece of silicone paper on it. Make sure that the whole image is completely covered by silicone paper. (Note: if you want to have a glossy image, put the blue grid paper on top of the image to cover the image with the smooth and bright side facing down, instead of using the silicone paper provided).

8. Heat for 15-30 seconds. When the transfer paper feels completely cold, it can peel off from any corner to other directions.