Classification of heat transfer printing technology

Heat transfer technology can be divided into heat progressive transfer and heat press transfer. Thermal progressive transfer, also known as gas-phase thermal transfer, is to use the dye type with progressive conditions to print the image, landscape, text and other images that need to be printed on the paper in the way of mirror image reversal through lithography, screen printing, intaglio printing and other methods. Then put the paper printed with image and text on the substrate, after heating (generally around 200 ??) and pressurizing, the ink on the progressive transfer paper will directly change from solid state to gas state, so as to transfer the image and text to the substrate. In this process, the paper used for transfer is called “progressive transfer paper”, and progressive transfer ink is mainly composed of progressive dyes and binders.


The heat press transfer uses the screen printing (or gravure printing) method to print the image and text on the heat transfer paper or plastic, and then transfers the image and text to the substrate by heating and pressing. However, with the popularity of laser printers and ink-jet printers, many small workshops use laser printers to directly print the pictures and texts made by computers on the transfer paper, or use ink-jet printers to print the pictures and texts on the ordinary printing paper, and then use the electrostatic copier to copy them onto the transfer paper. Finally, the pictures and texts on the transfer paper are transferred to the substrate by heating and pressing Things. This is now widely mentioned digital heat transfer technology.

Defending NFL MVP Jackson

In just nine months, Lamar Jackson turned from a 24-level quarterback in Madden into a new face in popular video games.

Defending NFL MVP Jackson accidentally announced on Tuesday that he would be the cover of crazy NFL 21.


“It’s been my dream since I was a kid,” Jackson said in a video conference call with reporters in Baltimore “Wonderful. I have it for every madman. For me, standing in front of it is a dream come true. ”

The Baltimore Ravens star also said he was not worried about any curse associated with being a cover.

“Patrick mahoms is in the lead and he won the [super bowl] MVP,” Jackson said “I want that curse. I hope it’s a curse. ”

EA Sports has yet to officially announce whether Jackson will be on the cover, but appears to confirm his announcement on twitter.

In his second NFL season, Jackson became the first player in NFL league history to pass more than 3000 yards and punch 1000 yards in a single season, fascinated by NFL. At 23, he became the third young player to win the League MVP. Only Hall of Fame member Jim Brown was named NFL MVP in 1957 and 1958, younger than Jackson.

The NFL plans to start the season as usual in September

According to foreign media reports, Major League of professional football (NFL) spokesman McCarthy confirmed that the League will announce the 2020 season schedule next week. The NFL still plans to start the new season on September 10, and the super bowl will be held on February 7 next year, all of which will allow spectators to enter.


ESPN reported in mid April that the NFL plans to announce its entire season’s schedule by May 9. The novel coronavirus is working on a healthy and safe plan for health and safety during the pandemic period, Troy executive vice president of NFL, Vincent, told The Associated Press this week.

The league has worked with the rugby league players association and medical experts to develop a set of agreements to assess contingency plans if the outbreak intensifies.

Previously, the media reported that NFL took various measures to reduce operating costs and deal with the growing economic pain. NFL president Goodell has voluntarily reduced his salary to zero, while the salary of the rest of the League staff will be reduced to different degrees according to the level. Goodall’s salary and bonus for a year totaled more than $30 million.

Understand the concept of psychology and make advertising marketing more natural

Today’s advertising can be said to be everywhere. Where your eyes see it, you can hit it. One day, you touch thousands of advertising intentionally or unintentionally. Even if you are completely unwilling to accept it, the advertising itself has influenced you imperceptibly.

Here Xiaoyang sent you a sentence: it’s not a good plan not to study psychological copywriting!

Psychological research involves perception, cognition, emotion, personality, behavior and so on. Many marketing cases in advertisements can be reasonably explained by psychological knowledge. So how to use psychological knowledge to write advertisements and do marketing.

Psychological concept 1: describe what happened

The first task of psychology is to observe behavior accurately. Behavior data is an observation report about the behavior of the body and the environment in which the behavior occurs.

Advertising has long been included in the field of psychological research. Thanks to the research of predecessors, many advertisers have also closely linked advertising and consumer psychology. Then there is the user’s thinking, research on the user’s behavior, psychology and demand direction, collect behavior characteristics, summarize the characteristics, and take out data, which is of great help to product improvement and promotion.


The planner should first locate the target users:

What will users do?

What else can users do besides use the product?

For example, the owner of a restaurant found that two dishes a and B in the store were very popular with customers, so the boss let the chef integrate the two dishes a and B to get C. of course, C was also popular later, and became the specialty of the store. Based on the success of C dishes, the store also pushed out D, e, F, etc.

This case is a typical user insight, which obviously has firmly controlled the user preferences.

What are the little-known stories about Boggs?

The highest player in NBA history is?v2-1a99f6e16eb888591c938bb868b417df_720w at 2.31 meters, and the shortest player is Tyrone Boggs at 1.60 meters. These two players have also been teammates of wizards. But players who have worked with Boggs should be more familiar with his other name: Maxi Boggs. In fact, Boggs’ real name is Tyrone Curtis Boggs. Magsi, who has a higher singing level, is actually his nickname, just like Magic Johnson and Penny Hardaway. The magician used to describe the gorgeous Showtime style of the Lakers guard, the penny used to describe the precise passing of anfenni Hardaway, and Boggs’s “Magsi” has its own origin.


Boggs published an article in the players’ forum with the title “how do I become Maxi”. According to Boggs’ recollection, Magsi’s nickname comes from a small group in his childhood. During the play, a member of the group suddenly had a strange idea, associating Boggs with the movie “the Bowery” The character “Maggie” in boys, because the skinny Boggs can always steal everyone’s ball on the court, and he is also a small leader in the group, just like “Maggie” in the movie. Magsy’s original English name is muggsy, which reminds people of the gangsters in the film of gelwich and the little ruffians in the street. So Boggs didn’t like the nickname at first.

But just like everyone has a nickname that they don’t like but they are called from childhood until they are bound with you, Boggs is no exception. And this garridge style nickname is also very suitable for Boggs who grew up on the streets of Baltimore. Boggs grew up in a better environment than many people. His father was convicted of drug trafficking and robbery with a gun. Boggs was shot when he was 5 years old. Fortunately, the bullet just hit his back and arm, not life-threatening.

Why don’t advertisements tell stories now?

From the perspective of viewing experience, the ads that the public like must be the ads that tell stories. In today’s popular terms, such plot ads can “walk away“. Whether they make you cry or make you laugh, they are all moving you. The outside world’s perception of advertising creativity is closely related to the story telling skill of advertisers.

According to the best-selling book “a brief history of human beings” in the past two years, the cohesion and development of human beings depend on stories, but we have to admit that story telling advertisements are gradually disappearing. In recent years, the so-called “wandering” advertisements are in fact goods. On the whole, the story telling skills of advertisers may be seriously degraded.


A good story of disappearing

First of all, let’s think about the “wandering” commercial that moved you. How many can you think of?

Without mentioning the advertisements in foreign countries and Hong Kong and Taiwan (next time I’ll talk about these regions), in the mainland, you may not find too many cases that impress you. In the past two years, maybe you can barely think of the “scrambled eggs with tomatoes” of China Merchants Bank; a little earlier, maybe you can think of the advertising films about women’s themes of dove and SK-II Well, I found that I was talking about “wandering” every day, but we didn’t remember any “wandering” works.

As time goes on, it seems that it’s easier to think of some “wandering” advertisements, such as a series of public service advertisements of CCTV, ranging from “father’s dumplings” to “mother’s feet washing” to “three yuan milk” shot by Jiang Wen earlier, which can resonate with people through excellent story skills.

The content of Chinese oil painting creation from the perspective of regional culture

China has a long history, a vast territory, a large number of nationalities, and rich regional cultural resources. It is not only reflected in the longitudinal depth of thousands of years of development history, but also in the cultural breadth of multi-ethnic and large regions. It is not only a unique cultural tradition, but also a unique cultural spirit, which is mainly reflected in the excellent traditional culture, rich minority culture and cultural heritage of China, It has also created splendid natural and cultural landscapes. Therefore, the regional culture of China, which is based on the identity of Chinese culture, but also shows the characteristics of diversity and difference due to the differences in geography, nationality and historical development, is an inexhaustible resource for Chinese oil painting creation. There are bound to be infinite creative themes, rich formal languages and unique values. First of all, the regional culture bears the excellent traditional Chinese culture, inherits the traditional Chinese virtues, humanistic spirit, aesthetic ideas, etc., and integrates these traditional elements into the creation of Chinese oil painting, providing rich nutrients for the creation theme and content of Chinese oil painting, promoting the diversification and personalization of Chinese oil painting form language, and then showing a new art style and appearance.

timg (2)

Looking back on the whole history of Chinese oil painting, we can see that a large number of oil painters seek creative inspiration from the excellent traditional Chinese culture and create a large number of excellent works with Chinese style and Chinese style, such as Xu Beihong’s drawing on the traditional Chinese stories, borrowing from the past and using the present to create oil paintings such as Tian Heng five hundred scholars and Yu Gong moving mountains, which show the national character and promote the Chinese spirit; Wu Guanzhong combines the aesthetic experience of Chinese literati painting with the abstract expression techniques of western modern art to create oil paintings with strong Chinese charm; Luo Zhongli absorbs the unique regional culture of Daba mountain to create a series of Chinese local oil paintings such as father, which are numerous. In recent years, the trend of “freehand oil painting” in Chinese oil painting industry is also a bold attempt to combine western expressive oil painting techniques with freehand spirit in Chinese traditional culture as the core. As fan Di’an said, “freehand oil painting is an art form that draws the nutrition of ideas and visual direction from the whole Chinese cultural tradition”, and “is really based on the development of our times and the local consciousness of culture”.

Understanding the specific characteristics of oil painting creation

Oil painting is a kind of art mechanism rising in the West in the middle ages. Through the analysis of the creation characteristics and cultural connotation of oil painting, we can see that the element content and value form applied in oil painting are not only the interpretation and expression of art creation, but also the important demand for us to understand the characteristics of oil painting creation art system. Therefore, in the current whole process of oil painting creation and expression, we need to pay attention to the overall innovation and improvement of optimization, especially through the integration of appropriate creation materials, so as to achieve the whole oil painting creation art material rich and emotional interpretation. Of course, for the overall development of the current oil painting art creation activities, what it needs is not only the expression of emotional thinking, but also the systematic teaching innovation, especially the selection of appropriate teaching methods, so as to help students in the specific learning process, to be able to understand the characteristics of oil painting art more truly, objectively and effectively.


With the creation of oil painting art and the specific teaching activities of oil painting art creation becoming more and more perfect, if we want to realize the ideal teaching innovation and rich connotation expression, we will not simply understand and treat the art form from a single teaching perspective, but should pay full attention to the connotation and depth of multi-cultural integration, especially to recognize the humanistic characteristics of tea painting art. It can be said that the style of tea painting and the specific concepts contained in it, together with the specific expression of various artistic concepts and cultural features, make the oil painting creators need to consider their own emotional interpretation and ideas

If we want to achieve the ideal promotion of oil painting art creation teaching activities, we should not only consider the comprehensive teaching from the teaching purpose, but also pay full attention to the comprehensive integration of various ideas and concepts in the whole process of oil painting art creation and display.