There are several layers of heat transfer film

1. Basement

That is to say, the carrier coated with release agent, ink and adhesive is required to be resistant to temperature, pressure and small tensile deformation.

2. Abscission layer

It is a coating of release agent, which keeps solid state at normal temperature, melts at a certain temperature, and reduces the adhesion with the base layer,

It can be separated from the basal layer very quickly without adhesion residue. The release agent is the key to complete the separation of the printing layer from the substrate and the transfer to the substrate surface.


The heat transfer film shall have good wear resistance to protect the color ink, reduce the UV radiation intensity and reduce the invasion of adverse factors on the ink in the air,

It can prolong the service life of ink and buffer the adhesion of substrate film and printing layer.

3. Printing layer

This layer is the basis of aesthetic quality of transfer products. With the development of printing technology and image processing technology, the printing layer has various colors,

Various patterns. In particular, the image and text obtained by intaglio printing can well reflect the delicate image and text, and make the packaging and decoration effect more perfect.

4. Adhesive layer

Its basic performance is to have a high adhesion with the substrate surface to ensure that the printing layer and substrate surface are firmly combined. This layer of adhesive must match the substrate.

Different adhesives, due to the different chemical composition, and substrate adhesion is very different. It should be selected according to different substrate.

The confession of an advertiser

The boss is an MBA student in the school. The library has borrowed many books, one of which is the confession of the advertiser. Have a little bit of advertising plot, look forward to a long time, finally can come to visit.

In the first chapter, the experience of the founder of the advertising company is more like teaching you how to start a business. I don’t seem very interested. One of the reasons for the popularity of this book should be honesty and sincerity.

Be honest enough to show how he found the first users. How to use the surrounding resources, as well as persistent time to spend to do their own advertising company well. If you don’t pay more time and energy, many things can’t be done better than others, so overtime should not be a special fear and shouldn’t be. (it reminds me of a friend who was starting a business. She arrived in a hurry at a dinner party on Saturday night. We envy her that she has a company of her own. She joked that she doesn’t have a weekend.)


When reading this book, I feel a kind of simple values. Advertising industry, how impetuous, how hypocritical, exaggerated, false, deceptive, the products said to be extravagant, irresponsible, no sense of morality. It seems that all these adjectives are not. At least this book conveys the following ideas:

1. Only by seeking truth from facts can we live longer

2. Advertising is the cooperation between Party A and Party B. Party B is not inferior. Party A is not bossy. Our morale is not humble or overbearing. Party B can do the best. If it is not, Party B should refuse it seriously.

3. Persuade yourself before you do anything. If it’s cooperation, only when you really like it and recognize it, can you do the best. Advertising is a bad thing, there is no result. It seems that many things are like this.

4. Some tips on copywriting and title writing

5. In fact, the world has always been “fair, just, honest, honest and frank” is the virtue. Why do people sometimes start to doubt the truth, and compromise, fabricate, exaggerate, be negative and lie?

NCAA football| [resumption]

Another year in the NCAA final, the two teams in last year’s final, Alabama and Clemson, met again. Before the game, it was thought that Alabama’s coach, Nick Saban, would continue his perfect record in the national championship game – the first five finals, five wins in all. But Clemson’s coach Dabo Swinney and his disciples, with their careful pre match deployment and excellent on-the-spot performance, successfully avenged the defeat of last year’s final, while pulling the universe team Alabama from the altar. And I was able to take the title of national champion again 35 years later.

Here, yellownew will resume the whole game for you, analyze the tactical arrangements of both sides, so that you can not only watch the excitement, but also understand the doorway.


Section 1: Alabama starts the attack first, and Bo Scarbrough, the running guard, gets the array

One of Alabama’s deadly weapons in this game is Bo Scarborough. In the last semi-final match against Washington, Bo relied on his natural physical advantages, and the number of yards after contact with the opponent’s defenders in the whole match was as high as 100 yards. It’s not only reminiscent of beast mode, Marshall Lynch, which announced its retirement during last year’s Super Bowl.

At the beginning of the first competition, both sides of the defense showed their own skills. Clemson first let his opponent take only two yards in three positions and had to give up the kick. Then Alabama also successfully defended the opponent’s attack of four gears and one yard, and took back the ball right. And both sides of the defense with foul way, to the other side of the quarterback to a warning.

Advertising significance

What is the significance of advertising, or that people are more thinking about the actual value of advertising.

The meaning of this thing is to eat more than nothing to think about. From the reality, we really don’t need to think about the significance of advertising. People don’t care whether it can promote the development of history. Let’s see from its current value.

First of all, the original intention of advertising is to promote products.


No matter the new products or the old brands, the lane is too deep and the smell of wine will never go out. After all, Qianlima often exists, but Bole doesn’t often. Although famous horses, they are afraid that they will only humiliate the hands of slaves, and die in the middle of the troughs, which is not called Qianli. Since it’s impossible, I’ll ask for it. This is the original intention of the advertisement. One layer of significance of advertisement is to advertise. Advertise what I have, with a hint of a wish.

When the interests of the idea of aggravation, advertising patterns will emerge in endlessly.

But most of them have the color of catering to consumers’ needs and tastes, which gives people a sense of flattery. It seems that they are consumed in low-level demands. Under the fierce competition of peers, these factors are even more ambiguous.

Gordon’s brilliant youth should not be such an end

In the 2020 NBA all star dunk contest, 24-year-old Aaron Gordon made the final dunk: from the 226 cm tuck fall overhead, smashing the dunk with both hands.

The live commentators are crazy, playing homophonic stem:

??You tackle the taco??You win! ??

And scream, “seven five! (226cm) ”

Then he scored 47 points and lost.

So, the previous four 50 points, do not forget.

After 2016, once again: Gordon passed the dunk king.

Worse than 2016: it was a pity that he lost to Raven that year, but after all, he lost to such a historic existence as raven. This time

To be honest, Jones is a good buckler. In other years, when he met Desmond Mason, Fred Jones and Terence Ross, he would probably win.


High bounce, good coordination, skillful in changing hands in the crotch, time control, both catching and taking off, are very accurate.

If you have to be picky, Jones is not particularly outstanding: Levin’s elegant, Richardson’s compound difficulty, Wilkins’s strength, Jordan’s body control, Carter’s natural natural and unrestrained, he is less.

No matter in scope or strength, Jones lacks a bit of “swing” energy.

Especially, compare with Gordon.

On the night of 2016, Gordon had established himself as the top general in history; he was creative, with the extension and strength of the top in history. As for the power of stretching and smashing, Carter and Wilkins are probably the only ones. At that time, I was only able to lose to the right Raven in the world.

How should Auxerre deal with the first round performance of Le Havre

In the first round of the final, the team will immediately challenge another strong opponent Le Havre in four days, they had a 3-0 win over tour in the first round. Last season, Le Havre finished eighth in the league, and killed Auxerre. For the club, the next game will be a tough one.

Opponent’s record

Le Havre only scored 39 goals last season, ranking 16th in the league. However, striker Duhamel has scored 8 goals in 19 appearances. The team can’t let down their guard because of the number of goals their opponents scored last season. At the same time, the main factor supporting them to advance into the first half of the league is because of their excellent defense, ranking first in the league. Only 36 goals can make them confident and bold to press on the attack in the middle and front field. In addition, the opponent also introduced a number of offensive players in the summer. On the whole, the balance of attack and defense ability of Le Havre is an important force in the whole league.


Current situation

In addition to the overall strength of the opponent has improved compared with last season, another very unfavorable factor for Auxerre is the performance of the two sides. In the last five games, Auxerre lost five games, scoring only two goals, but losing eight. However, history is always used to be broken. The fully strengthened Auxerre this summer has the ability to reverse his previous poor performance and create a new history.

Juvenile basketball team and their most glorious moment

Captain Zhang, Lao Wu’s colleague, loves basketball very much. He learned from Lao Wu that I once played master in the basketball game in prison, and occasionally took me to play in his middle-aged and old-age circle. There, I met and disciplined Zheng Ming, coach Zheng.

Zheng Jiao has practiced for more than 1.9 meters and over 40 years. He’s only one idle person. There are only two things in his daily life: playing mahjong and playing field ball. He didn’t talk much, but he was good at the ball. He taught the ball seriously. I couldn’t bear to hear that he had led the team in the Shaoguan Institute. Maybe I got the light of writing the article and even pried off his talk box.


In the third year of his life, Zheng Ming handed in his military uniform. It was a super large uniform with two bars and one star on the shoulder strap. He pressed the brown and green clothes properly, folded them into squares and handed them back to the political work office.

He used to be a specially recruited basketball player. He was a guard. He had the chance to play professional league. But he left early because of injury. He worked as a assistant for several years and transferred to the military and political office. There is an old leader who loves playing. He has to organize two ball games every week. Zheng Ming is called in every time to play in the center. He is responsible for rebounding and feeding the old leader outside the three-point line. To a colleague of the old leader, pretend to defend, and let the old leader “sea throw” three-point ball. The old leader has a 30% hit rate. The shot is stiff. Zheng Ming will take off more rebounds and feed them. When the old leader retired last year, Zheng Ming suddenly couldn’t find a place to stand and was lost.

Why is hockey so popular in North America?

Ice hockey is popular in North America. I understand the following points: 1. High resistance and fast pace meet the taste of North American people. 2. Strong economic conditions are the basis for the development of ice hockey. 3. Team sports are better in North America and more popular on campus. 4. Ice hockey is the only team sport in winter. Ice and snow sports will really be popular in areas where conditions permit.


Canadians love ice hockey, because most areas of winter as long as half a year, or even longer, can carry out outdoor collective projects probably only ice hockey. 2. The collision is extremely fierce, the referee seldom interrupts the match, and the consistency is good. 3. Can fight! It’s very important to watch. Generally, there is special protection in the team. 4. Canadians are regarded as the quintessence of their country. It’s like martial arts to China, Judo to Japan. Children have been taken to the ice hockey rink since childhood. 5. For other reasons, such as what one of my friends said: who can run, who can slide, who can fight when standing, who can fight when standing unsteadily, etc.