The influence of the development of creative art on children’s social ability


For 3-4-year-old children, they do not have a scientific concept of concrete things, and their thinking ability of image and logic is still in the enlightenment stage. But at the same time, their perception ability is very strong, especially for the bright colors and objects with different touch, so when designing the creative art curriculum, we can start from the following aspects: 1. When it comes to art, many people’s thinking still stays in holding the brush, painting on the paper, right In creative art, it is to add some basic origami and sculpture elements at most. In fact, for children’s fine arts, especially small class children, fine arts is not a subject, a course, but also a kind of ability training for children to understand, explore and appreciate “beauty” in life. So in order to let children have basic aesthetic ability, we should use more familiar objects. For example, in the course “vegetables can also draw“, we will use the vegetables they are familiar with, guide children to use vegetables as paintbrush, draw colorful pictures, let them complete the exploration and creation of life in a new and interesting atmosphere. 2. For 3-4-year-old children, they can concentrate for no more than 10 minutes in the form of games instead of conventional teaching, which is basically doomed to complete the art creation for a long time. But if they are allowed to participate in games or activities of interest, their attention can last for more than 30 minutes. So in the setting of creative art courses, try to avoid letting children complete works independently, but through the way of games, let them have interest in art.

Information flow operation experience – channel section

1?? The birth of information flow advertisement

In 2006, the first information flow ads appeared on Facebook, and in 2011, twitter officially launched information flow ads. But in China, it was not until 2012 that sina Weibo launched commercial information flow ads; in 2013, Tencent News client information flow ads launched cpd ads; in 2014, today’s original headline ads launched; later, in 2015, Tencent wechat friend circle, a little information flow ads and Sina new Fantong 2.0; in 2016, UC information flow ads appeared, a little information launched intelligent information flow, Baidu In 2017, Tencent News client launched “brand story” information stream, and Sina’s super Fantong also launched this year.


The content of information flow advertisement is original and has strong compatibility. As one of the important forms of original advertisement, information flow advertisement intersperses information news and other contents, mainly including text, picture and video output, which has strong compatibility with the original content of the product, can improve the audience’s acceptance in a subtle way, thus effectively affecting the audience’s cognition, preference and purchase intention of the advertisement.

What does pitcher’s bench depth mean in baseball?

A baseball game, nine innings, and a powerful pitcher are all difficult to play a complete nine innings, because to maintain the speed and change of the ball, you need to have physical strength and energy to maintain the peak for a long time, which is difficult to achieve, especially for some pitchers who use the ball irrationally to achieve the effect of various ball paths, which brings extra pressure to the body. There is a limit to the number of pitchers who can keep their pitches stable (the specific number has not been checked), so more pitcher substitutes are needed, that is, the so-called backup pitchers. The deep bench means that the strength of backup pitchers and backup pitchers is strong, and they may even be equal to or even exceed the starters, so the opponent’s playing line is facing great pressure.


How to objectively evaluate NBA star Derek Ross?

Two words – legend.

I think the most attractive NBA player – has the rare life ups and downs of high-level athletes in the history of human sports, full of injuries and setbacks, but with the spirit of stubbornness to write the poem of never discouraged. Once someone asked, what kind of person is the most attractive? Some people say that handsome men and beautiful women are the most attractive. They pour their country into the city with a smile. Some people say that poets and artists are the most attractive. They are unrestrained, bold and unrestrained. Others say that successful people are the most attractive. They are proud and equal, and they do their best to hold resources. Derek Rose is not a handsome man or a beautiful woman, although his long hair is full of the charm of time precipitation; he is not a poet or an artist, although you will have a deep experience like diving into the ocean after experiencing his slightly melancholy clear eyes; he is not the most successful generation at the top of the pyramid, proficient in operation and dredging On the contrary, he didn’t seem to pursue these things deliberately.

Even Derek Ross, as an NBA basketball player, is not the top player in the same era in terms of Technology: he does not have the long-range guidance of Kuri and Lillard; he does not have the gorgeous dribble of Iverson and Owen in flower steps; he does not have the domineering power of James commanding the three armies and strategists; he does not have the cold blood of Kobe and arenas destroying everything Murderous.


How to evaluate the Super Bowl in 2020?

This year’s Super Bowl looks good. Both teams are very distinctive. 49’s pass rush is historic. The chieftain’s pass is also historic. The game is also as we expected, the chieftain team has not played the usual long pass due to the defensive impact of 49 players. It takes a long time for the long pass to take over the running position, and the impact of 49 people is often forced to the monkey within 2-3 seconds. 49 people usually rely on tactics to attack the ball (by running and blocking). The chief team’s defense focus is on running defense, most of the time with 7-8 people on the front line. Such defense is a bet on the passing ability of 49 people. The 49 man pass was not disappointing either, so there was still a 10 point lead in the fourth quarter. In the fourth quarter, the chief finally played the first long pass (44 yards) to open the situation. 49 people’s pass rush was reduced in strength under the continuous fast attack of the chief. The chieftain’s defense rarely stopped the passing of 49 people in a row. Finally, the chieftain played the advantage of passing and defeated 49 people. Coach Andy Reid has won his first championship. Little brother Ma succeeded in taking over the top quarterback of the league.



It is said that people who learn ice hockey will have high IQ and EQ!

There are two things that make ice hockey one of the best sports in the world. One is for ice hockey players, the other is for ice hockey fans and fans. For ice hockey players, ice hockey is a very good stage to show their ability of spatial intelligence and situation cognition.


Spatial intelligence was first proposed by a psychologist from Harvard (Howard Gardner). He believed that a person’s body and brain are inseparable from ideas, and your attitude and your analytical ability are the same. In addition to space intelligence, there are many different ways to express space intelligence. Spatial intelligence is very similar to intelligence, but it contains many different elements, such as emotional intelligence, social ability and cognitive ability to different situations.

If you can master this ability, it will be reflected in different aspects. People with this ability can quickly make the right decisions, make the best deal with different relationships in a rapidly changing environment, and quickly grasp the key points. There are some similarities between Situational Cognition and spatial intelligence. If you have good Situational Cognition, you can master the changes of the surrounding environment, and you can clearly judge the thoughts and intentions of the people around you.

Restrictions on free agent Jesse puljujarvi’s transfer are over

Yesterday, puljujarvi signed a one-year contract with karpat, Finland’s top professional league team. The contract includes an option to allow the 21-year-old striker to return to the NHL by 12.1, and if he fails to sign by 5 p.m. on 12.1, he will not be able to participate in the 2019-20 season.

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Ken Holland, the team’s general manager, said he had discussed a deal with several NHL teams but failed to do so. He also said he can’t guarantee to talk about the puljujarvi deal before 12.1, because he hopes that the oil man can get the top 9 forward in the deal.

Who’s better than yelic and ozuna in their first season away from the Marlins?

The Milwaukee brewer, who leads the League of nations in the central region, has four series matches at home with the third St. Louis cardinal in the same division. In the first game of today’s series, the Cardinals sent out their ace pitcher Martinez. However, his performance was poor today. He lost 7 points in 8 hits in 4 innings, including 5 self accusation points. Swallow the losers. The brewer’s pitcher, SUT, played very well. In the 7 innings, he was only hit by 2 hits, lost 2 points, and threw 5 strikeouts and 1 escort. The Cardinals lost 3-11 to the brewers, and the gap between them was widened to 5.5 games.




At the end of the 2017 season, the Florida Marlins changed hands, and former Yankee star Derek kit made a radical reconstruction of the team. Last year, the three major Marlins outfields, in addition to the last season when the League of nations MVP Stanton was traded to kit’s old owners, Yankee, Marcel ozuna and Christian Yelich) was traded to cardinals and brewers respectively. In the new team, yelic basically maintained the original state, but ozuna in the red sparrow robe compared with last season’s MVP performance has been significantly reduced

NCAA cancels crazy March

Novel coronavirus (NHL) announced its occupation of the 2019-20 season on Thursday, due to growing concerns about the new coronavirus pandemic. MLB) announced that it would suspend spring training and postpone the start of the 2020 season for at least two weeks, while NCAA announced that it would cancel March Madness.


NCAA President Mark Emmert and the League Council decided to cancel the men’s and women’s championships in Division 1 and the winter and spring Championships. “This decision is based on the evolving covid-19 public health threat, our ability to ensure that these events do not contribute to the growth of epidemic spread, as well as the ongoing decisions of other entities, which are impractical to hold at any time of the school year,” NCAA said in a statement

There are no reports that NHL players have tested positive for new coronavirus. The NBA suspended all games until further notice after a Utah Jazz player became infected with the new crown virus. As NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman points out, several teams in the two leagues share facilities. The NHL suspension begins Thursday night.

“NHL has been trying to follow the advice of health experts and local authorities while preparing for any possible development without taking premature or unnecessary measures,” Bettman said in a statement. However, it was reported last night that an NBA player tested positive for a new crown virus, and given the number of facilities and changing rooms in our league, it now appears that some members of the NHL community may test positive at some point. It’s no longer appropriate to try to keep playing. “

Lakers clippers and an NHL team share the same arena

Generally speaking, we all think that every team has its own special training venue when training. And the venue is generally owned by only one team, but it is not. For example, the home court of the Lakers and Clippers, staples arena, it is estimated that many fans will think that the ownership of this venue should be owned by the Lakers. But the reality? The result is that the site is a public asset, not owned by any party. Every year, in addition to NBA games, they will also undertake NHL games. That is to say, in this public arena that doesn’t belong to the Lakers or clippers, how do the two teams achieve perfect compatibility? Now let’s take a look.


As a public arena, the staff working in this arena can be said to be very busy and hard every day. On the busiest day, they need to change the venue of three home games in one day, namely from NHL, Lakers and Clippers. In addition, their time is about one hour. In addition, if it is in the ice hockey field, from the ice hockey field to the basketball court, they should pay attention to the problem of water vapor evaporation. They usually put moisture-proof mats on the floor. Because if there is water vapor on the floor, the possibility of accidents will increase greatly.