Fox Leads Rangers to Another Montreal Rally

MONTREAL — This can’t be the script the Rangers bring with them when they go to Montreal, but this is how the story continues to unfold. They staged an epic comeback here on Nov. 23 that emerged as a turning point in their 2019-20 season; on Thursday night they returned to author a sequel, and while the plot of this latest one may have strayed in meaningful ways from the original, the pivotal scene – that is, the game-winning goal – turned out to be a shot-for-shot remake.


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Adam Fox’s goal with 7:39 remaining in Thursday’s game easily could have been mistaken for Jacob Trouba’s goal with 7:50 to play in the Rangers’ visit here three months ago – the right defenseman shooting from off the right wall, into a Chris Kreider screen on Carey Price, the goaltender getting a piece of it but not enough as it squirts over the line. Cue the groans around the Bell Centre.

Fox, though, only continues to make it clear that he is a one-of-a-kind player. He was unrelenting on Thursday night, even during stretches when his teammates were struggling to find their footing, and the Rangers needed every bit of it – not to mention every save that Alexandar Georgiev made to keep their task manageable – as they erased a two-goal deficit with a five-goal outburst to beat the Montreal Canadiens, 5-2, their fifth straight victory and their extraordinary ninth straight on the road.

Giant close forward Rett Ellison considering retirement

The giant’s close forward, Rhett Ellison, has been in the League for eight years. Last season, a concussion left Ellison out of the last six games of the season.




It also makes him need to reassess his future.

Ellison is considering retiring on Thursday, us time, according to New York media.

Ellison signed a $18 million four-year contract with the giants in 2017, just six weeks before the team’s first round selection of near forward Evan engram. Ellison took up $7.18 million in salary space in 2020, but his contribution on the court did not reach the corresponding level.

If the giants choose to cut Ellison, or Ellison retires himself, the team will free up $5 million in salary space.

Before that, the giants have chosen to cut off the linebackers Alec Ogletree and Kareem Martin.

Ellison played 40 games for the giants, finishing 67 catches, pushing 674 yards and reaching the formation four times, before which he played for the Vikings for five years.

Instead, the giant may use the relationship of Jason Garrett, the new attack coordinator, to woo Jason Witten.

Take stock of five players who fail to meet the expectation, and the No. 1 dunk champion is listed

We all know that every season is a new start for players. Even if you did fairly well last season, they started from the same starting point as the season began. But even so, there are still many players this season who are not satisfied with their fans’ performance. Their achievements are not up to their expectations.


The first is Gordon, for Gordon this season. In fact, in the hearts of many fans, but on his many hopes. As the core of the magic team’s training in the past, Gordon is very suitable for today’s small ball era. Its excellent athletic ability and the ability to attack under the basket are the models of the big men today. But it’s such a star. No matter the season performance, or the strength in the dunk competition, all make the fans feel very dissatisfied. At this point, the team even spread the idea of trading it, of course, for such a thing, it did not come true in the end. But judging from Gordon’s current situation, his trading days should not be far away.

Then there is marcanin. In fact, for Chicago, which hosts all stars this season, at least the team should have a representative. But in the end, even Raven didn’t make it, and the team’s record was pretty average. In fact, we can understand such a situation, because there is not a relatively reliable player around. Among them, marcanin, as the assistant of Raven at the beginning of the season, is equivalent to the general existence

Is the exhibition effect good?

Saudi build is the only construction trade show approved by UFI in Saudi Arabia. UFI is the global exhibition industry association, The exhibition identified as “UFI approved activity” is a proof of high quality, high participation and visitors’ satisfaction. In the past 30 years, Saudi building materials exhibition has been the largest construction trade exhibition in Saudi Arabia, attracting thousands of international manufacturers, exporters and tens of thousands of regional engineers, importers and experts to understand and contact the latest technology in the industry Surgery.



With years of exhibition history, the exhibition has accumulated a large number of professional exhibitors and rich market experience in various fields of participation, which provides a stable and infinite business opportunities display platform for exhibitors. At the exhibition, you can develop potential customers, meet new customers and market distributors, so as to achieve sales goals, launch new products and expand business scope.

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Where will the ice country singer who merges beauty and technology go in the future?

Matt dishena, the name, is not new to the ice fans. He has a handsome face and outstanding skills. He often uses fast breakthroughs, flexible running positions and gorgeous techniques to rewrite the scores for the team and surprise the fans.

Now, dishena, whose contract is about to expire, has become the focus figure before the deadline of the League trade. His contract renewal negotiation with the Ottawa Senators is not smooth, and the team’s conditions for him can not meet the requirements. Now the team has decided to trade him and put him out of the competition list. A number of teams, including the marauders, the blues, the islanders and the Blazers, have started looking for deals to get the player. It’s not just because of his outstanding personal skills that dishena is so popular. In the dressing room and off the field, there is a very outstanding and impressive side.


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Born in 1991 in Halliburton, Ontario, Canada, a beautiful town with a population of less than 6000, dishena’s love for it is as deep as the surrounding forest and as clear as the lake next to the town. After becoming famous, Dishner turned his feelings for his hometown into practical actions and ran a clothing store with Halliburton as the theme. Dishner designed a unique trademark with the word “Harry” of Halliburton, which integrates the outline of the town map. In an interview, he expressed the hope that people would be proud to walk around the world in the clothes he designed with the logo of a small town.

Gordon: think the quarterback rivers will join the pony


For veteran quarterback Philip rivers, who is about to leave Los Angeles for lightning, there are not many potential families.

But Melvin Gordon, who has worked with rivers for five years, thinks there is a strong chance that a team will sign rivers. He thought the team was Indianapolis colt, but made it clear he had no inside information.

“I think he’ll join the pony,” Gordon said. “I don’t know. It’s just my idea.”

Gordon, who will also be a free agent, is not blindly guessing. He said Nick siriani, the colt’s attack coordinator, had been an assistant coach for lightning for five years. The relationship between rivers and sriani could make it easier for the former to move from 16 seasons of lightning to the Mavericks.

“He has a connection,” Gordon said. “Nick… He’s from here. He worked for us. He’s the attack coordinator there. They use the same tactical mentality, so it’s going to be easy, he’ll be able to join the team and be able to tell others what to do, he already knows what to do. ”

Gordon also said Mavericks coach Frank Reich, who coached the lightning quarterback in 2013 and was the lightning attack coordinator in 2014-2015, had links with rivers. Under Lake, rivers had the best performance of his career.

The relationship between rivers and the pony coaching team makes the pony a reasonable home. The Mavericks can also provide rivers with an excellent attacking front.

Although the Mavericks quarterback’s contract expires after the 2020 season, the team’s management may think that rivers can upgrade his quarterback position compared with the former, whose performance has fluctuated last season. If the Mavericks decide to sign a new quarterback, rivers is the right choice.

Mustang point guard Chris Harris expects to enter the free agent Market

Denver Mustang point guard Chris Harris Jr. is ready to enter the free agent market on March 18 when the new league year arrives.

On Monday’s radio show, Harris said he has not been in touch with the team since Mustang fired its operations director nearly a month ago. Harris believes he will play for a new team for the first time in his career if he enters the free agent market.


“But I don’t know. I think that’s the trend, “Harris said. “I think everyone should have a chance to see their own values, and I should have such an opportunity now. I think I’ve worked hard for nine years, and I’ve made every effort I can for this city. It’s time to see what other people think of me. ”

Harris didn’t get Mustang’s long offer, but got a raise. He was caught in a trade rumour before the deadline last season, but Mustang finally chose to keep him.

Harris said he would stay if Mustang wanted to. But when asked about Harris’ future, general manager John Elway was evasive.

Harris, who is still one of the best corner guards in the league, has taken on the arduous task of marking some of the most agile outfielders in the league. If he is to leave Mustang, Harris believes that the new owner’s defensive system and how he is used will have a huge impact on his decision-making.

If Mustang doesn’t renew his contract with Harris before the free agent market opens, he could be one of the hottest non quarterback players in the off-season this year.

Jaguar hired former 49 general manager Bob as HR Director

On Tuesday afternoon us time, Jaguar officially announced that it would hire Trent baalke as head of the team’s personnel department. Bob served as the general manager of 49 people in 2011-2016.

Dave Caldwell, Jaguar’s general manager, said: “I’ve known Trent for more than 20 years and his presence has been of great benefit to us. When he worked in San Francisco, he achieved countless successes, which also proved that he was able to discern talents and had the talent to build a team. We welcome Trent and his wife Beth to Jacksonville and look forward to his immediate start to work and tap the free market. ”


Bock, 55, served as a rugby operations consultant in 2017-109 and served 49 people in 2005-2016. Previously, he also worked in Redskins and jets.

During his term of office, he won the division championship for three consecutive years, with 49 men winning 51-44. In 2012, he entered the super bowl.

MLB issues a ticket for domestic violence. Philadelphia fielder ereira is suspended 85 times

Odubel Herrera, MLB Major League Philadelphia outfielder, has been involved in a scandal over a violation of MLB’s domestic violence provisions, and has been charged with sexual assault and child abuse. Today, MLB officially issued a ticket, and ereira will be banned from playing 85 games.

Ereira said she would not appeal. His suspension will start on June 24, 85 regular season games are definitely not available, and if the Phillies enter the playoffs this year, ereira will not be able to appear in the playoffs.

“After reviewing all available evidence, MLB concluded that Mr. ereira had violated the domestic violence clause and should be suspended from work and pay, which means that he is no longer available for the 2019 regular season.” MLB president rob Manfield wrote in an official note this morning.

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On Thursday, Beijing time, the Atlantic City Court in New Jersey held a hearing in which the charges of domestic violence against Ella were dropped. A state prosecutor told reporters that Ella’s girlfriend did not want to continue to deal with the case, so decided to withdraw the prosecution.

As a condition of withdrawing the charges, ereira was required to complete the court’s compulsory advisory services within 60 days.

On May 27, irella was accused of assaulting her girlfriend at the golden nuggets hotel in Atlantic City. According to court officials, after her girlfriend was beaten, there were clear signs of injuries to her arm and neck.

Brown hired 49 man coach Joe woods as defense Coordinator

On Thursday, the Panther announced a one-year contract extension with soccer player Joey slye.

Before the start of the 2019 regular season, Graham GANO was reimbursed for his leg injury, forcing the panther to temporarily find a player again. Slay was in danger at this time, and his performance also made Panther very satisfied: 32 free kick shots hit 25 times, including 11 shots over 50 yards hit 8 times, 35 additional points shot completed 31 times.


The 23-year-old has provided the team with young blood, which also represents the 32-year-old garno may be leaving soon. Garno’s contract is expected to take up $4.5 million in salary space next season.

In addition, the Panther has signed a one-year contract with running guard Reggie bonnafon and defender Cole Luke.