Beauty in Japanese artist’s oil painting

The beauty in Japanese artist’s oil painting is more lifelike than the high-definition photo! Ryo shiotani, a Japanese realist painter, graduated from the oil painting department of Musashino University of fine arts. Now he is a famous realist painter in Japan. His works are collected by many art galleries and galleries

Japanese painter Yasuhisa graduated from Musashino Art University. Ryo shiotani then won a cultural affairs scholarship and studied in Florence for a year, where he had the opportunity to copy Leonardo da Vinci’s work. Yanguliang takes the classical skills of Western painting as the basis of his painting, and makes them look more real when depicting female figures or still life. “I draw realistic paintings, because I can make new discoveries when I study my theme deeply.

The early neoclassicism, which was advocated by Ingres, paid great attention to the local details of the object of the picture and challenged the photography with very real effect at that time. Now in China, cold Jun, the leader of contemporary surrealist oil painting, also uses a brush to show the details that can’t be captured by the camera, because the position details of the dark part and highlight in the photos taken by the camera are almost difficult to show due to the limitations of the equipment, and the painting can be seen very clearly by the naked eye, and then described by the brush.

Astronaut pitcher Sanchez’s season reimbursement for right shoulder surgery

According to the Houston astronauts, team pitcher Aaron Sanchez will undergo surgery, so the season will be reimbursed.

On August 3, Sanchez played on behalf of the astronauts and made an unsettled run in his first start.

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Astronauts coach A.J. Singh said Wednesday that Sanchez had surgery last week and that his recovery will last until next season.

The 27 year old has not played since August 20. At first, the team thought Sanchez would be back this season, but the general manager said last week that Sanchez would have surgery on his right shoulder and would not return this year.

Sanchez’s era this season was 5.89, with 115 strikeouts. On July 31, Sanchez was transferred from the Toronto Bluebird to the astronauts.

Bear star Brian Bryant’s ankle manager is furious about MLB policy due to slippery ground

In the Chicago Cubs’ game against the St. Louis Cardinals, Kris Bryant, the bear star and former League of nations MVP, hit the ball in the third inning, then rushed to first base. Unfortunately, due to the rain on the day of the game, the first base bag was completely wet and slippery, which led to Bryant’s sprained foot when stepping on the bag Ankle, finally left the game.

At present, Bryant’s examination results show that there is no serious fracture or ligament and other structural damage in the ankle. According to the person familiar with the matter, the final MRI results show that the star third baseman suffered a secondary ankle sprain, so that when there are six games left in the regular city of Chicago, Bryant should be hard to return to the team.

Overall, we don’t know how long Chris Bryant will be absent, but his injury deserves attention. As Scott Boras, Bryant’s agent, puts it, there are many risks in MLB’s failure to tailor any security measures to prevent similar injuries.

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“What did the league do after Harper was injured in a similar situation (2017 season)? I’ll tell you, they didn’t do anything, they focused on other factors – like the economy and the way they managed the game, they thought about a lot of things, but the safety of the players and what I said, the League was slow to solve them. ” Obviously, the agent blamed Bryant’s injury on the omission of the league. “When the safety of the players is not guaranteed, the viewing of the game will be greatly reduced, just like a slippery softball, without any discussion or solution, the players still have to bear these risks.”

The most Blues MVP match in history

The last game of the Stanley Cup finals, the Boston brown bear came back to play the St. Louis Blues. In the end, when the blues were suppressed on the scene, with a higher quality of counterattack, the team beat brown bear 4-1 away and won the team’s first Stanley championship. Let’s take a look at the data summary of this show:

Brown bear captain Charla today’s 14th playoff win, ahead of Patrick Roy and Scott Stevens, ranked first in history.

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Blues player O’Reilly scored the first goal for the team, scoring in four straight games in the Stanley Cup final, equalling the League record set by Gretzky 34 years ago. He also broke the Blues’ playoff scoring record with 22 points.

O’Reilly is the second player in NHL’s history to score the first goal in three consecutive games in the Stanley Cup finals, the last one dating back to 1921.
Peter langelo, the Blues captain, has set a postseason assists record with 16 assists. He has scored 19 points in the Stanley Cup postseason this year, the most in all defenders.