Levian bell wants to stay in the jet

Le’veon Bell’s first jet season may have been different from what people thought, but he didn’t change his mind.

“If I don’t want to stay here for four years, I won’t sign a four-year contract,” Bell said

Bell signed a four-year, $52 million contract with jet during the off-season, including $27 million in security, which will take up $25 million and $17 million in salary space in the first two years.


“I’m a very patient person, on and off the court,” Bell said. I know the time it takes to build a team, and I’ll make a contribution here. This is what I want to do. I will not say that I am very excited, but I will not be disappointed. It’s a process to get things right. ”

At present, Bell’s average is only 3.3 in charge and 4.3 in his career, which has something to do with jet’s disappointing attacking front. Bell took the ball and pushed it 425 yards, but only made one touchdown. He has played four times this season.

Bell said: “I didn’t think about 16-0 when I signed, you know? I know it’s a process. Our quarterback is very young. The attack coordinator and the manager are new here. It’s different from basketball. One or two people can’t change the whole situation. “

“Slight injury” can’t get off the line of fire! James plans to fight for the trailblazer. Did he really fight for the championship this time?

On December 28, according to shams charania, the athletic reporter of the American media, James will go to Portland with the Lakers and plan to play in the next game of the trailblazers. Because of the injury, James’s performance in the last game was disastrous. On the book, it was 23 points, 9 rebounds and 10 assists, which was three double, but the actual effect was worrying. After the last game, it was reported that James might be absent for a long time due to his groin injury, which was a bolt from the blue for the Lakers. When James was out of action this season, the Lakers’ performance was disastrous, not to mention last season, when James missed 17 games because of his groin injury, the longest consecutive absences in his career. Last season, the Lakers went from a playoff midseason team to a fish belly team, inseparable from James’s sudden injury. So this time, James was injured again, and still has a groin injury, which worried the fans very much. Fortunately, James gave everyone a reassurance today. He not only participated in the team training, but also practiced his own three-point ball after the training.