Creative and Funny Gymnastics T-Shirt Slogans/Sayings

gymnastics-team t shirts


Below are some of our favorite gymnastics slogans, quotes, and sayings we??ve seen on custom t shirts this past year, along with a few we??ve come up on our own. Pick one for your team that inspires you. They??re great to stick on your custom gymnastics team shirts and uniforms.

Cool & Clever Gymnastics Slogans & Sayings for T-Shirts

Rightside up. Upside down. It’s all the same to me.

We rock, TUMBLE, and roll.

Got gravity? We don’t!

Some may call our team SMALL. But we call it SELECTIVE.

If you’re gonna eat mat, eat mat HARD!

Some may call our team SMALL. But we call it SELECTIVE.

VauLt FlOor UneVens BEam

It’s not called gym-“nice”-tics.

The power of five

You never know how strong you are, until being strong is the only choice you have.

Failing to prepare is preparing to fail.

We add our own sound effects.

No time-outs. No half-times. No overtimes.

Yes, we can do one of those “flippy-things”.

??Got one of your own you’d like to share? Add it as a comment, so you can help inspire your fellow gymnasts out there!

21 Creative Science Club Team Names for t shirt iron on stickers

Creative Science Club Team Names t shirt

We bet you??re excited to get back to your science club this school year, and we??re excited to help you create awesome science t-shirts. We??ve put together a list of awesome science team names for chemistry and physics clubs, as well as the ever-popular Science Olympiad. We hope you find them amusing and hope they inspire you to make some club t-shirts of your own!

Cool & Creative Science Team Name

Mad Scientists

Higgs Bosons

Springfield Isotopes

SAS ?C Serious About Science

100 Degrees Kelvin

Team Opportunity

Natural Selection

Got Science?

Geology Rocks

Nothing Cooler Than Absolute Zero

Contagious Intelligence

Lab Rats

We Matter

We??ve Got Chemistry

Bio Bosses

Stay Positive

So Basic

Solution Squad

He, He, He

Bond, Hydrogen Bond


Every Iron On Sticker That Glitters

We??re all humans here, and so we tend have a bit in common. We all love babies, greasy foods (admit it!), and we definitely love a good bargain. But do you know what else we love? Shiny things.

Sometimes even the greatest design needs just a little something extra: a punch of color, texture, or bright spot to catch the light. So how can we apply our love of shine to t-shirt designs? Specialty inks!

Specialty inks are a perfect addition to really make your design unique. Iron On Sticker offers 7 different specialty decorations to put on your t-shirt designs. Each lends its own character to your artwork. We offer puff, fluorescent, reflective, glow-in-the-dark, metallic, and glitter inks! We even offer foil transfers (technically not an ??ink,?? but it??s too cool to leave out).

Each type of ink has its own character, and in the coming weeks we??ll showcase each of them, alongside some great t-shirt design tips.

Till then, if any of these specialty inks already peak your interest, give a sales representative a call at 1-800-293-4232. They can give you a great crash course in specialty inks, and even help you with your design.

Homecoming images iron on stickers: Dress Up to Get Down

For some, Homecoming (homecoming t shirt iron on transfer) is a night of dressing up, corsages, and dancing with your best friends. For others (me) Homecoming was a night of food poisoning, bad music, and a slightly orange date.

If there was a highlight of Homecoming, for me it was definitely spirit week. Being able to show class unity, getting to stay at school overnight to decorate the hall, and of course the parade of floats was crucial to making Homecoming special.

My senior year theme was the Wizard of Oz, and as a keepsake everyone dyed t-shirts green and painted a big ??OZ?? on the front. Then we each signed the back with permanent marker. I love that shirt, but over the years the design has faded and some of the names have gone missing (not so permanent after all).

If I had a time machine and could go back to high school, I would??

Tell my date about the dangers of spray tanning
Get the Homecoming shirts screen printed? (homecoming shirt iron on transfer) instead of using spray-dye (the shirt turned me green)
Have the signatures printed too ?C so they wouldn??t fade