The Cavaliers were the finals team last year

If you don’t make it to the finals, Owen’s leaving this time is a failure. This deal or it’s a failure decision for Owen, because your decision doesn’t reflect your value and you arrive. The Celtics are as like as two peas Celtics, who are not the Celtics.

You haven’t led Celtics to a new height and can’t reflect your value. So Celtics, success is based on Stevens’s success, not your success. Ah, it can be analogized. Let’s say, let’s say, let’s say, let’s say, let’s say, let’s suppose Owen doesn’t leave the Cavaliers. I believe, ah, the Cavaliers were the finals team last year, so Owen can continue to play in the finals.

If there is a chance to win the championship, James will not necessarily leave the Cavaliers, or return to the Cavaliers, or take James Owen as the main core of the team’s construction framework. We can know that, in fact, she has Owen.

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