It’s a player one grade ahead of him

Obviously, through the finals of the past two years, Durant is obviously better than curry. It’s a player one grade ahead of him. There’s no doubt about this. Even if curry, no matter how amazing he is, he can’t change this fact. I believe most of the fans on this issue. The vast majority of fans have reached a consensus.

Of course, a small number of those fans are still at the top of their heads. If they are still mythical, they will not be changed by us. So I am not in the scope of our discussion. So we mainly focus on this year. Take a look at this, All-Star voting, All-Star voting, in fact, is a weathervane, a direction, which we exclude, that is, er, some voting or yes, the imperfection of the ticketing mechanism has caused too many problems in the distribution of vote weight, such as Yao Ming’s option, um, the king of votes.

Ah, it’s not directly proportional to my strength, ah, er. Although I won the all star ticket, I can’t prove that I’m the best player in the league. I’m the best player in the league. This is for sure, right? I’ve got the advantage of our domestic demographic dividend.

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