Is it possible that Owen and James will gather in the Lakers again

And even green, the green warriors, can. So some friends say, is it possible that Owen and James will gather in the Lakers again? I said, everything is possible, but it is only more likely than the small a. the individual thinks that the probability is very low, very low.

I think the first requirement of Lakers’ recruitment, the first requirement is that the player should be connected seamlessly with James. It is very important to be able to cooperate with James. So which player is more necessary to cooperate with James as which player.

Ah, next year’s biggest brand, huh. I think the first member of the Lakers asked that the first year goal is just Thompson of the warriors. I personally think it’s very important and, uh, one thing that can be operated. Why, Thomson byowen came. More, with the Lakers or James, because we know how high Owen and James have been with us, how high he is, how high he is and how well Owen has been to Celtic, we can see Owen’s role in a whole.

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