The first thing in the Warriors is that these situations are not won

I’ll talk to you about this, uh, something like trying to bully and intimidate. I’m right. I don’t have anything wrong. I just think you can go to the Spurs or stay in the thunder or just. The Lakers, our pre judgment and the probability of going to the Lakers are very high, right, very big.

Well, like James joined the Lakers and didn’t expect to go to the warriors, so you can’t predict Durant with the common eye. What circumstances can happen? Well, I think so. The first thing in the Warriors is that these situations are not won. The champion, everyone, this is a smile, and the negotiation will be more smooth. Right, if you give the money, you will be able to calm Durant. It must be the champion. If you win the championship, you will stumble. This is a great setback.

The team, among them, must have internal fight, right or wrong, the core has to have problems. We always emphasize a little bit of warriors. Ah, you want to beat him, right, you can not disintegrate him from the external force. He must have been from the inside. This collapse is internal fight.

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