So this breakthrough is to play half of the game, only to finish half

It must be, to kill under the basket, ah, if there is no protection of the other big players, that is, all of them are squeezed in the middle, so that you can not reach the basket and release the basket. The bowmen can only stop jumping shot at last. So this breakthrough is to play half of the game, only to finish half, unless you think so at first. What do you say at first is that every time we play a key ball, we kill at last, fake pictures, needles, and usually don’t play under the basket. It is easy for fouls and fouls to play.

This kind of ball is very sensitive, and the referee won’t play it so you can see that these goals are hundreds of points larger. More than 80, all of them are to see by projection. All of them end with projection. Of course, three point kill is more important. It is no use to reach the cable, right. One behind three points and three points can only be done. Right, it is right.

Only those players with strong breakthrough ability can be able to do it. If you go down the penalty basket, you can kill them like James weishaoharden. Maybe he doesn’t even have Durant. He doesn’t even kill him. It’s basically a projection. To shoot, we say that is Lopez.

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