A very smart player is also a basketball player with high intelligence

Yeah, let’s practice this technical quality. Well, this morning, it was reported that the best in the East and West, the best in the East, the best in the month, cousins, the best in the east of the South Island, and enbid was successfully elected. Right? We won’t say much, right? What’s the dispute about the league’s first center. Ah, it’s not me. It’s recognized by all.

Ah, it’s so simple, right? You said that koshins has to test again. Ensbid, koshins, the Tang poetry, and boasted that the league’s first center wanted to compete with, um, Peter. I think you can say that. It’s very cheeky. It’s very cheeky. Let’s take a look at this. What kind of platoon is the Rockets?

Of course, I don’t think it’s very useful to go up there, because, er, the rest of the teachers don’t play routine with you. He’s a technical school, which is good for anyone. Opponents, ah, he can solve problems, right?

A very smart player is also a basketball player with high intelligence, high technology and comprehensive, ah, gold oil, everywhere can shine, so the Rockets are weak in platoon. It doesn’t matter whether Aode starts or platoon. Anyway, it’s just to see.

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