Now we should pay attention to that

In the regular season has been denied, the death penalty of these athletes in the playoffs is basically no effect, but if it is to give these players a certain opportunity for a certain period of time, then the Rockets have come to a dead end, ah, has come to a dead end, that is, they have surrendered to the white flag, and finally pull a grenade, ah, drink a bullet and commit suicide.

But they die together, so you see this game, Tieda, unchangeable, main force card, Bella harden plus Paul Tucker and this Gordon. This is, Wuren start Tieda unchangeable, and the main force is also played by these people at the last moment. Of course, individual replacement is also based on the opponent.

Come on, change. Generally speaking, we are playing a big four small team. Now we should pay attention to that, Gordon has played from the position of guard to the front line. Last season, Gordon played at the position of guard, three guards plus three risks. Gordon played at the position of guard. Gordon has played at the front line this season. The lack of Fengxian’s position has become an important problem. Now it can only be used, but it can’t be replaced. Corden went to play as the main force. Er, it’s hard to say whether he can play the original lineup in the NBA rockets after the special project.

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