Thompson and green

Now, it’s almost right for this longzopole, right? Pay attention to Boll and so on. Well, we’ve been saying before, ah, pol is a very good player. Many teams are, risking, ah, feeling that he has nothing to do with the transaction. But, the effect, but, he took this good seedling by accident, right? It didn’t play a decisive role. You didn’t give



Ingram, she didn’t want to trade with you. But, you gave Ingram, gave it, didn’t he? He had to take BOL away. That’s why I don’t think Bohr can give you. Come to make-up lessons quickly. Yes, you can choose. The Lakers should start first. Be quick. Anthony Davis, the contract, has settled down to avoid a long night’s dream. Ah, James, should also take action. Ah, all parties, efforts, should take action. Ah, if the Lakers want to be competitive in the next few years. Touch Anthony Davis is a must. Of course, we say that this is a three-level stage. The first disability is three of these. The barren trade may be the first level, Thompson and green. You can take one, weaken the warriors. This is the first advantage.

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