Boer is such a player

Second, you have the materials. Do you know? Just do this job. If you come up, you won’t know you are unqualified. You know, no, so don’t look down on yourself. Well, you are not inferior to others. As long as you have the mind to think, any player can have a correct identification in your identification. This positioning ah, you go to verify it, you have to constantly think, constantly verify your ideas, through the game, of course, you have to every day is useless for us, ah, for us is useless, don’t think what we say you just want to pile ah pile up to help our team turn over to prove your strong useless.


Nine times out of ten, we all say yes. Nine out of ten, we all agree. You only account for 10% of the total. Can you improve your understanding of basketball? No, let’s say that the boss, Boer, is like this. The Suns are very good, very good, because they do organize guards. The team lacks a partner. Boer is such a player, I think the sun will be happy to accept it. Now the main consideration is: what is this problem? It is a question of signing the question of whether or not to do something and what the skin wants most. The Suns, now the league’s million bottom, right? He spent a whole year to do this, right? It’s certainly not easy to give the first round to you, because if he is the number one spot, it’s directly equivalent to using the number one spot. He spent money to exchange for a ronzopole, which he lost. So, what he traded out must be the protected first round. It’s absolutely right, right? You can’t take the top six. Maybe I won’t give it to you. Right? Well, if it’s unprotected, if it’s a protected right, I’ll say it’s for money, then it’s possible for the Suns to locate old zuopol.

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