Raptors started the season

Before midnight, he disclosed the information, er, it was not a piece of information. He even looked at the detainee’s view on the transaction, and explained his personal view that it was a long-term shopping volume. That’s very good. It’s very appropriate. Mm-hmm. now, there are rumors. Ah, now, I don’t know whether it’s true. The Raptors sent some cash. Seven people took the points to see if it’s true. Er, we said the Raptors started the season.


We said that the Raptors are the only team that we are optimistic about the East can kill, which is a record of absolute dust. At present, we should keep our attitude and keep this view. For the beginning of the season of this thing, there are fans who are negative and skeptical about our view. Then you can play happily. In the Raptors, the team, the ordinary, this kind of rest, for a while Lori does not talk about that for a while, no, yes, the protection of Leonard is very careful. Now, we can play the second best chase in the East and the first bucks in the East. You can see his strength. The 2.76 man team is now auspicious.

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