The NFL plans to start the season as usual in September

According to foreign media reports, Major League of professional football (NFL) spokesman McCarthy confirmed that the League will announce the 2020 season schedule next week. The NFL still plans to start the new season on September 10, and the super bowl will be held on February 7 next year, all of which will allow spectators to enter.


ESPN reported in mid April that the NFL plans to announce its entire season’s schedule by May 9. The novel coronavirus is working on a healthy and safe plan for health and safety during the pandemic period, Troy executive vice president of NFL, Vincent, told The Associated Press this week.

The league has worked with the rugby league players association and medical experts to develop a set of agreements to assess contingency plans if the outbreak intensifies.

Previously, the media reported that NFL took various measures to reduce operating costs and deal with the growing economic pain. NFL president Goodell has voluntarily reduced his salary to zero, while the salary of the rest of the League staff will be reduced to different degrees according to the level. Goodall’s salary and bonus for a year totaled more than $30 million.

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