Understand the concept of psychology and make advertising marketing more natural

Today’s advertising can be said to be everywhere. Where your eyes see it, you can hit it. One day, you touch thousands of advertising intentionally or unintentionally. Even if you are completely unwilling to accept it, the advertising itself has influenced you imperceptibly.

Here Xiaoyang sent you a sentence: it’s not a good plan not to study psychological copywriting!

Psychological research involves perception, cognition, emotion, personality, behavior and so on. Many marketing cases in advertisements can be reasonably explained by psychological knowledge. So how to use psychological knowledge to write advertisements and do marketing.

Psychological concept 1: describe what happened

The first task of psychology is to observe behavior accurately. Behavior data is an observation report about the behavior of the body and the environment in which the behavior occurs.

Advertising has long been included in the field of psychological research. Thanks to the research of predecessors, many advertisers have also closely linked advertising and consumer psychology. Then there is the user’s thinking, research on the user’s behavior, psychology and demand direction, collect behavior characteristics, summarize the characteristics, and take out data, which is of great help to product improvement and promotion.


The planner should first locate the target users:

What will users do?

What else can users do besides use the product?

For example, the owner of a restaurant found that two dishes a and B in the store were very popular with customers, so the boss let the chef integrate the two dishes a and B to get C. of course, C was also popular later, and became the specialty of the store. Based on the success of C dishes, the store also pushed out D, e, F, etc.

This case is a typical user insight, which obviously has firmly controlled the user preferences.

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