The content of Chinese oil painting creation from the perspective of regional culture

China has a long history, a vast territory, a large number of nationalities, and rich regional cultural resources. It is not only reflected in the longitudinal depth of thousands of years of development history, but also in the cultural breadth of multi-ethnic and large regions. It is not only a unique cultural tradition, but also a unique cultural spirit, which is mainly reflected in the excellent traditional culture, rich minority culture and cultural heritage of China, It has also created splendid natural and cultural landscapes. Therefore, the regional culture of China, which is based on the identity of Chinese culture, but also shows the characteristics of diversity and difference due to the differences in geography, nationality and historical development, is an inexhaustible resource for Chinese oil painting creation. There are bound to be infinite creative themes, rich formal languages and unique values. First of all, the regional culture bears the excellent traditional Chinese culture, inherits the traditional Chinese virtues, humanistic spirit, aesthetic ideas, etc., and integrates these traditional elements into the creation of Chinese oil painting, providing rich nutrients for the creation theme and content of Chinese oil painting, promoting the diversification and personalization of Chinese oil painting form language, and then showing a new art style and appearance.

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Looking back on the whole history of Chinese oil painting, we can see that a large number of oil painters seek creative inspiration from the excellent traditional Chinese culture and create a large number of excellent works with Chinese style and Chinese style, such as Xu Beihong’s drawing on the traditional Chinese stories, borrowing from the past and using the present to create oil paintings such as Tian Heng five hundred scholars and Yu Gong moving mountains, which show the national character and promote the Chinese spirit; Wu Guanzhong combines the aesthetic experience of Chinese literati painting with the abstract expression techniques of western modern art to create oil paintings with strong Chinese charm; Luo Zhongli absorbs the unique regional culture of Daba mountain to create a series of Chinese local oil paintings such as father, which are numerous. In recent years, the trend of “freehand oil painting” in Chinese oil painting industry is also a bold attempt to combine western expressive oil painting techniques with freehand spirit in Chinese traditional culture as the core. As fan Di’an said, “freehand oil painting is an art form that draws the nutrition of ideas and visual direction from the whole Chinese cultural tradition”, and “is really based on the development of our times and the local consciousness of culture”.

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