How to objectively evaluate NBA star Derek Ross?

Two words – legend.

I think the most attractive NBA player – has the rare life ups and downs of high-level athletes in the history of human sports, full of injuries and setbacks, but with the spirit of stubbornness to write the poem of never discouraged. Once someone asked, what kind of person is the most attractive? Some people say that handsome men and beautiful women are the most attractive. They pour their country into the city with a smile. Some people say that poets and artists are the most attractive. They are unrestrained, bold and unrestrained. Others say that successful people are the most attractive. They are proud and equal, and they do their best to hold resources. Derek Rose is not a handsome man or a beautiful woman, although his long hair is full of the charm of time precipitation; he is not a poet or an artist, although you will have a deep experience like diving into the ocean after experiencing his slightly melancholy clear eyes; he is not the most successful generation at the top of the pyramid, proficient in operation and dredging On the contrary, he didn’t seem to pursue these things deliberately.

Even Derek Ross, as an NBA basketball player, is not the top player in the same era in terms of Technology: he does not have the long-range guidance of Kuri and Lillard; he does not have the gorgeous dribble of Iverson and Owen in flower steps; he does not have the domineering power of James commanding the three armies and strategists; he does not have the cold blood of Kobe and arenas destroying everything Murderous.


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