How to evaluate the Super Bowl in 2020?

This year’s Super Bowl looks good. Both teams are very distinctive. 49’s pass rush is historic. The chieftain’s pass is also historic. The game is also as we expected, the chieftain team has not played the usual long pass due to the defensive impact of 49 players. It takes a long time for the long pass to take over the running position, and the impact of 49 people is often forced to the monkey within 2-3 seconds. 49 people usually rely on tactics to attack the ball (by running and blocking). The chief team’s defense focus is on running defense, most of the time with 7-8 people on the front line. Such defense is a bet on the passing ability of 49 people. The 49 man pass was not disappointing either, so there was still a 10 point lead in the fourth quarter. In the fourth quarter, the chief finally played the first long pass (44 yards) to open the situation. 49 people’s pass rush was reduced in strength under the continuous fast attack of the chief. The chieftain’s defense rarely stopped the passing of 49 people in a row. Finally, the chieftain played the advantage of passing and defeated 49 people. Coach Andy Reid has won his first championship. Little brother Ma succeeded in taking over the top quarterback of the league.



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