It is said that people who learn ice hockey will have high IQ and EQ!

There are two things that make ice hockey one of the best sports in the world. One is for ice hockey players, the other is for ice hockey fans and fans. For ice hockey players, ice hockey is a very good stage to show their ability of spatial intelligence and situation cognition.


Spatial intelligence was first proposed by a psychologist from Harvard (Howard Gardner). He believed that a person’s body and brain are inseparable from ideas, and your attitude and your analytical ability are the same. In addition to space intelligence, there are many different ways to express space intelligence. Spatial intelligence is very similar to intelligence, but it contains many different elements, such as emotional intelligence, social ability and cognitive ability to different situations.

If you can master this ability, it will be reflected in different aspects. People with this ability can quickly make the right decisions, make the best deal with different relationships in a rapidly changing environment, and quickly grasp the key points. There are some similarities between Situational Cognition and spatial intelligence. If you have good Situational Cognition, you can master the changes of the surrounding environment, and you can clearly judge the thoughts and intentions of the people around you.

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