Who’s better than yelic and ozuna in their first season away from the Marlins?

The Milwaukee brewer, who leads the League of nations in the central region, has four series matches at home with the third St. Louis cardinal in the same division. In the first game of today’s series, the Cardinals sent out their ace pitcher Martinez. However, his performance was poor today. He lost 7 points in 8 hits in 4 innings, including 5 self accusation points. Swallow the losers. The brewer’s pitcher, SUT, played very well. In the 7 innings, he was only hit by 2 hits, lost 2 points, and threw 5 strikeouts and 1 escort. The Cardinals lost 3-11 to the brewers, and the gap between them was widened to 5.5 games.




At the end of the 2017 season, the Florida Marlins changed hands, and former Yankee star Derek kit made a radical reconstruction of the team. Last year, the three major Marlins outfields, in addition to the last season when the League of nations MVP Stanton was traded to kit’s old owners, Yankee, Marcel ozuna and Christian Yelich) was traded to cardinals and brewers respectively. In the new team, yelic basically maintained the original state, but ozuna in the red sparrow robe compared with last season’s MVP performance has been significantly reduced

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