NCAA cancels “crazy March”

Novel coronavirus (NHL) announced its occupation of the 2019-20 season on Thursday, due to growing concerns about the new coronavirus pandemic. MLB) announced that it would suspend spring training and postpone the start of the 2020 season for at least two weeks, while NCAA announced that it would cancel March Madness.


NCAA President Mark Emmert and the League Council decided to cancel the men’s and women’s championships in Division 1 and the winter and spring Championships. “This decision is based on the evolving covid-19 public health threat, our ability to ensure that these events do not contribute to the growth of epidemic spread, as well as the ongoing decisions of other entities, which are impractical to hold at any time of the school year,” NCAA said in a statement

There are no reports that NHL players have tested positive for new coronavirus. The NBA suspended all games until further notice after a Utah Jazz player became infected with the new crown virus. As NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman points out, several teams in the two leagues share facilities. The NHL suspension begins Thursday night.

“NHL has been trying to follow the advice of health experts and local authorities while preparing for any possible development without taking premature or unnecessary measures,” Bettman said in a statement. However, it was reported last night that an NBA player tested positive for a new crown virus, and given the number of facilities and changing rooms in our league, it now appears that some members of the NHL community may test positive at some point. It’s no longer appropriate to try to keep playing. “

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