Lakers clippers and an NHL team share the same arena

Generally speaking, we all think that every team has its own special training venue when training. And the venue is generally owned by only one team, but it is not. For example, the home court of the Lakers and Clippers, staples arena, it is estimated that many fans will think that the ownership of this venue should be owned by the Lakers. But the reality? The result is that the site is a public asset, not owned by any party. Every year, in addition to NBA games, they will also undertake NHL games. That is to say, in this public arena that doesn’t belong to the Lakers or clippers, how do the two teams achieve perfect compatibility? Now let’s take a look.


As a public arena, the staff working in this arena can be said to be very busy and hard every day. On the busiest day, they need to change the venue of three home games in one day, namely from NHL, Lakers and Clippers. In addition, their time is about one hour. In addition, if it is in the ice hockey field, from the ice hockey field to the basketball court, they should pay attention to the problem of water vapor evaporation. They usually put moisture-proof mats on the floor. Because if there is water vapor on the floor, the possibility of accidents will increase greatly.

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