Why did Yankee call the management of the evil empire team accept this title

Yankees continue to chase Machado, and if they do, the “evil empire” squad will be stronger. “Evil empire” is the name of the villain force in the movie star wars. Why is Yankee called the “evil empire”, which is good or bad?

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The origin of “evil empire”

Once there was a defector from Cuba named Jos é Contreras (who helped Cuba win the Olympic Games and the baseball world cup, played in the major league from 2003 to 2013, played for Yankees for a season, then moved to White Sox, and then won the championship and was included in the all star selection). In view of his outstanding strength, both the New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox have launched a chase for him, and offered a price. Finally, the Yankees succeeded in winning the famous Cuban player.

After that, the Red Sox and its shareholders did not get angry. Larry Luchino, then president of the Red Sox, was so frustrated that Yankees were always ahead of the Red Sox in the free agent market that he became notorious for saying something out of time. He called Yankee “the evil empire,” but that was not praise. More than 10 years later, the “evil empire” has become a proud title for the Yankees. Whether or not the Yankees are evil, their achievements can already be called “empire” to some extent.

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