Veteran security guard Mike Adams retired for 16 years

Veteran security guard Mike Adams announced his retirement on Wednesday, ending his 16 year career.

Adams has played for six teams in his career, but from the University of Delaware he joined the league as a rookie in 2004. Adams, who started his career as a 49er in San Francisco, performed well in the second year, making 74 tackles, 5 broken passes and 4 steals in 14 games.


Adams has never been considered the top security guard in the league, but that doesn’t stop him from being considered a good player. He has played 228 games in his career, making 935 tackles, 30 steals, 83 broken passes and 13 forced drops. In addition to 49, he played for Cleveland brown, Denver Mustang, Indianapolis pony, Carolina panther and Houston Texan.

Because of his rich experience, excellent players and outstanding performance, Adams was called “Daddy” by his young teammates. In 16 seasons, he has 14 seasons to be able to play at least 13 games in a single season. He was inducted into the career bowl in 2014 and 2015.

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