Jaguar hired former 49 general manager Bob as HR Director

On Tuesday afternoon us time, Jaguar officially announced that it would hire Trent baalke as head of the team’s personnel department. Bob served as the general manager of 49 people in 2011-2016.

Dave Caldwell, Jaguar’s general manager, said: “I’ve known Trent for more than 20 years and his presence has been of great benefit to us. When he worked in San Francisco, he achieved countless successes, which also proved that he was able to discern talents and had the talent to build a team. We welcome Trent and his wife Beth to Jacksonville and look forward to his immediate start to work and tap the free market. ”


Bock, 55, served as a rugby operations consultant in 2017-109 and served 49 people in 2005-2016. Previously, he also worked in Redskins and jets.

During his term of office, he won the division championship for three consecutive years, with 49 men winning 51-44. In 2012, he entered the super bowl.

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