MLB issues a ticket for domestic violence. Philadelphia fielder ereira is suspended 85 times

Odubel Herrera, MLB Major League Philadelphia outfielder, has been involved in a scandal over a violation of MLB’s domestic violence provisions, and has been charged with sexual assault and child abuse. Today, MLB officially issued a ticket, and ereira will be banned from playing 85 games.

Ereira said she would not appeal. His suspension will start on June 24, 85 regular season games are definitely not available, and if the Phillies enter the playoffs this year, ereira will not be able to appear in the playoffs.

“After reviewing all available evidence, MLB concluded that Mr. ereira had violated the domestic violence clause and should be suspended from work and pay, which means that he is no longer available for the 2019 regular season.” MLB president rob Manfield wrote in an official note this morning.

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On Thursday, Beijing time, the Atlantic City Court in New Jersey held a hearing in which the charges of domestic violence against Ella were dropped. A state prosecutor told reporters that Ella’s girlfriend did not want to continue to deal with the case, so decided to withdraw the prosecution.

As a condition of withdrawing the charges, ereira was required to complete the court’s compulsory advisory services within 60 days.

On May 27, irella was accused of assaulting her girlfriend at the golden nuggets hotel in Atlantic City. According to court officials, after her girlfriend was beaten, there were clear signs of injuries to her arm and neck.

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