Coach bear: the team needs to be more relaxed

Teddy Madden, coach of the cubs, today refuted claims that the team didn’t have the aura to play, but general manager Epstein said the cubs might be too nervous.

The cubs are about to start a 10 game series at home. At present, they are ranked second in the central area of the League of nations and second in the foreign card ranking. In addition, they have won 3-5 in the past eight consecutive away games, of which only one was won in four matches with the brewer, who is their direct competitor in the foreign card competition, and the worse cubs have only 31-44 record at home this season. At present, bear is only 0.5 games ahead of the winemaker who is the third player in the wild card, so it is possible to drop the wild card at any time.

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I can understand why the outside world has this view on us, but I don’t think it’s true. I hope we can play with a relaxed mind. The biggest worry is that we play with tension. ” Although Madden does not admit that the team has tense problems, but there are still very worried.

Madden often talked about baseball’s power in September, but he didn’t watch it in four games with the priests. Madden has now solved the problem of tension through one-on-one communication with players, rather than through a team wide meeting. He said that before the team encountered this situation, will affect the team in their own way.

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