Igodara goes to the heat. Can he help Butler?

It has been determined about the whereabouts of first brother. Igodara was finally traded by Grizzlies to the heat. Moreover, the heat and igodara renewed their contracts two years in advance, reaching 30 million yuan. It can be seen that the renewal price is still on the high side. At least in the minds of many fans, igodara has a certain combat power, but 30 million yuan in two years. After all, he is not a young man, He is 36 years old. His physical strength and combat effectiveness have declined to a great extent. Of course, we don’t know whether igodara is a premium, but what we know is that igodara’s arrival at the heat will help the heat in many ways.

First of all, the defense of the heat is not the top level. Although the team is the best in the East, there is still a certain gap between the defense of the heat and the top players in the league. They give their opponents more than 108 points per game, such as nuggets, jazz, bucks, Lakers and so on. They all control their opponents’ average scores within 108 points. Through such data, we can see that although the defense strength of the heat is still good, it is far from the top level.

So the arrival of igodara can improve the defense level of the heat. It can also let igodara defend the other team’s main players, so that Butler can have the best offensive state, without half of his physical strength to defense.


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