Morrison operate to watch the fans!


On February 7, NBA trade day ended, and the Rockets had wonderful operations, which is also likely to announce: the Rockets are giving up this season!

In the previous 12 person deal involving the eagles, rockets, nuggets and Timberwolves, Covington, Jordan bell and a second round signing of Timberwolves were traded to the Rockets, but they lost starting center Capella and another inside player. Morey’s move puzzled the fans. In fact, the purpose of the rocket deal was to avoid taxes. Rockets owner fertita became the most important player The big winner.

However, after the absence of Capella and neineinei, there is no one inside the rocket. Except for the old Chandler and the young Harto Stein, Jordan bell is the one who can play a little bit. But before the trade deadline, the rocket traded Jordan bell for Durant cabolock in Brazil! It is said that he regretted the rocket’s release before. This time, Clarke was cut in order to find a chance to bring him back. However, the latter was injured and could not fight immediately.

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