Oil painting technique: color is relative


How to perceive color. When the eye perceives a certain color, it always uses its surroundings as a reference. Under the background of the surrounding dark color, the color appears bright.

Through such experiments, it can be found that the color of the surrounding background changes, which will make the color, and therefore look different.

When one color is compared to another, it may become darker, brighter, grayer, warmer, or cooler.

In the picture, we need to connect and compare the relationship between colors.

The comparison of similar colors is to find the subtle difference between light and shade and between colors.

Learn to find out the warmest, coldest, brightest, darkest, brightest and Grayest color changes among the same colors.

In the process of training color comparison, your eyes will become more sensitive to the subtle color relationship, so as to improve your observation ability.

So that we can use the right color in the right place.

Enhance your sense of color. Looking at the world with vague focus can actually enhance your color sensitivity.

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