49 man close forward George kittle is expected to sign a record high salary contract

Despite failing to win the super bowl, George kittle has grown into one of the league’s best near forwards in just three years.

Soon his salary will reach the same level.

NFL Network reporter Mike garafolo reports that 49 people will soon start negotiations with kietel to renew their contract, possibly as soon as the super bowl is over.

“49 people will make it a priority to renew their contract and try to finish it with kietel as soon as possible,” said galafro. “The highest salary for the near front position is about $10 million a year. He will break the record. I think his new contract will pay at least $13 million a year. ”

Kietel’s rookie contract is one year away, and his salary will be only $735000 in 2020. In the first three years of his career, 49 paid just $1.8 million, while kietel has been named in the best team and twice in the career bowl. In the 2018 season, he set a record for the number of yards he received in a single season. In 2019, he is the player with the highest score on the Professional Football Focus Network.

Kietel’s excellent performance in opening up and catching the ball helped 49 people to enter the super bowl. Despite his failure to win, his life will change.


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