Astronaut pitcher Sanchez’s season reimbursement for right shoulder surgery

According to the Houston astronauts, team pitcher Aaron Sanchez will undergo surgery, so the season will be reimbursed.

On August 3, Sanchez played on behalf of the astronauts and made an unsettled run in his first start.

641 (11)

Astronauts coach A.J. Singh said Wednesday that Sanchez had surgery last week and that his recovery will last until next season.

The 27 year old has not played since August 20. At first, the team thought Sanchez would be back this season, but the general manager said last week that Sanchez would have surgery on his right shoulder and would not return this year.

Sanchez’s era this season was 5.89, with 115 strikeouts. On July 31, Sanchez was transferred from the Toronto Bluebird to the astronauts.

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