Creative Flute Section Slogans and Sayings iron on transfers for t shirts

Flute Section Sayings and Slogans iron on transfers for t shirts

Want the most creative or clever slogan or saying iron on transfers for your flute section’s band t-shirts? Check out ours below. We’ve compiled a whole bunch from past customer orders, along with a few we came up with on our own so you can rival your fellow band sections with a cool slogan. Plus they’re a great add to band sweatshirts when it begins to get cold outside and your flute section needs to stay warm & cozy!

Clever & Funny Flute Section Sayings and Slogans iron on transfers for t shirts

Don’t hate us ‘cuz we’re flutiful.

High notes, high class.

Where flutes go, treble follows.


Make sure to get your daily dose of flutes & veggies.

Life is like a flute: It may have many holes and emptiness, but if you work on it carefully, it can make magical melodies.

Flute for the moon!

Flutes: Pretty & Perfect

Abso-Flute-Ly Amazing.

I can flutter tongue this.

We can hear you air breathing

Stay classy, not brassy.

Just flute it!

Flutes up front. Lesser instruments, please fall behind.

Flutes kick BRASS!

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