Jeff Green three points

I have to pay tribute to wizo, Hadden and tucker. Weishao Hadden today in the team three points once very inaccurate situation, always chose to trust his teammates. Wei Shao had only four assists in the first half, but at the end of the first quarter and the beginning of the second quarter, Hadden left the field because of too many fouls. In the last five or six minutes, the Rockets revitalized the whole team, caught up with the difference and took the lead by his personal attack, sudden points and break points. In the third quarter, the Rockets played several rounds in a row: “harden holds the ball on the top of the arc, points out the strong side corner, Jeff Green three points.” Tactics, green is only 3 out of 6, but harden has never made a breakthrough against the three. Today, harden and weshie couldn’t break through as easily as they did in the last game (because the Bucks’ interior defense is so good), and harden didn’t find a three-point sense (0-out of the first seven shots, 3-out of 12 in the whole court); however, Wei Shao grasped the long-range shot given by the bucks and shot a three-point shot from Yannis. Haden snatched 6 times in the field, and the defense of low position in the fourth quarter was perfect.


Back to Tucker – even though it was only 4 out of 14, no rockets fans went to hack him. Tucker served as the rocket’s last “barrier” under the basket, and hardened all the bucks. In a game of losing rebounds, he put in three front rebounds. The more interesting detail is that Tucker got angry at the 0-8 3-point at half-time – when everyone was still in the dressing room, he came to the stadium early to practice three points. So at the beginning of the second half, he hit two bottom corners and three points in a row – this is the real professional player.

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Warrior blood fight!

The second game between the Raptors and the warriors was finished. It was a wonderful one-on-one match. Ah, this is very wonderful. We have said before, ah, the warriors don’t think about the Raptors. How to prevent defending the Raptors? Ah, this level of the Raptors, ah, attack ability is just beyond 100 points. Now it’s a discount of 100 points. 104 points and zero points are almost the same. Don’t expect him. He often has more than 100 warriors who can play their own attack well and win. In the fourth quarter, if Thompson is not there, they can still play. Look at this level, there are no scores in the last five minutes. In the last five minutes, one played a three-point victory and three points won the game. If Thomson is in the situation, the game will be a little easier. The two water bottles are high-level teams, but we have to say, er, there are many players in the game today.


Injured, almost injured, and so on. Now Thomson’s situation is still unknown. Well, it’s a terrible game, but Corzine is injured, Durant is injured, and igordala is injured. Now, at home, Thomson is injured. Now, they all have injuries. I hope nothing happens. I hope we can. It’s safe and healthy. Oh, I hope to play in the finals. Er, it’s the most wonderful game to compete with each other in the case of all the staff. But we have to say that if the warriors can win the championship in this series, it’s absolutely inspirational. A classic game

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Durant seldom catches the ball

To verify our statement with facts, if there is no Durant, this Warriors team may be worse than the current Warriors team. Ah, Durant is confused to replace the Warriors team curry. Maybe, it’s even worse. At most, with the warriors of Youdu Youku, ah, a tie, this ability is only a draw. Why do you have to see clearly that the warriors, ah, other players except Durant are still playing tactics, they are still playing system. At the beginning, it is said that, with the warriors, ah, the cooperation of the whole team is quite a lot, and the assists are quite a lot. This team has stars, and basketball is also played by the team, so he is strong and terrible. Right, if not, curry, first of all, there is no way to do it. However, because these isolated assists are assigned to Thompson and curry, Durant has no assists. Green’s assists are assigned to Durant’s hands and become singles. Durant will be dizzy, dizzy, dizzy and dizzy. Durant seldom catches the ball and shoots unless he has a good chance.


She has a good feeling that the position is very good in the head sweet, so it is possible, ah, and basically, all, slow, basically, speed in the three-point position, ah, other positions are different, so if not, curry first as a subtraction, then, green, Na is doing a division. Isolate you, don’t look at it, three pairs, rebounds, this itself has its own. You wait on the field, you fall in your hands, every game you drop in your hands, you can drop three or four as long as you stand in a good position, because the players are so, point so, the distribution of players’ positions on the field is so low, and then there is no big brother to provide, just give me five small. Poor rebounds are bound to be, there are

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The warriors are exhausted!

We have updated a program. Er, there is no other material. There is no more news about it. We don’t have any gossips about Clyde Thompson. Don’t make too much evaluation, the main thing is to leave the gap of this, er, this program for the fans, for the warriors fans, for the Raptors fans, for a transition time, ah, raptors fans to seize. Kengda is so jubilant, right? Warriors fans should take time to heal. Ah, there should be no big problem today. Ah, after 24 hours, the next day, we should have calmed down. Ah, we are afraid of being scolded. We are also worried.


Ah, ah, ah, the defeat ruined the TV set and smashed the TV set. Um, er, it’s a little too much and a little too radical. It’s too impulsive. I still don’t use it all the time. I can see it on the media websites. Well, foreign friends are really hot-blooded. Ah, um, go over and say something important to get up now is also a few hot topics among netizens. Thank you very much for asking us questions, and also very grateful for the affirmation we have received for more than a year. The guest expected that it was not 80 points. I thought it was almost enough. Ah, my friends gave us a full score of 99 points, 95 points, ah, thank you, thank you. We mainly said that 18193770 has passed. We are going to start talking about the 1920 season. Then we started to do the 192037 program. Now we mainly ask the following questions: Clay Thompson’s, the second injury is the contract of the warriors’ two big stars, the contract of the two big stars

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Celts! Treat people with sincerity!

Let’s talk about the Celtic team. Before that, we were all following the changes of the times. The Celtic team talked about the team and the development of these teams. Not only don’t say it’s Celtic team, then I’ll tell you that Celtic team is talking about Baines and making room. Ah, the SLR is, it’s true. I don’t think it’s too big an accident. Netizens curse all the time. Well, if you’re a Celtic fan. You really, ah, you can only share wealthiest, ah, together, Ronghua can not share weal and woe, ah, Celtic team, ah, this team? It’s really like this, it’s true that he can only share weal and woe with you, ah, common wealth, not with you.


In other words, this team has always done something shamelessly, that is to say, it is not shameless for the team to do so. Sleep and so on, right? And take into account some, face, ah, but the Celtic team’s actions and practices in recent years have blocked their own way. If they want to turn over again, they have to save their character. Ah, from now on, they have to save their character. Of course, no one is happy, right? Ah, there are, ah, yes, it is. But the cost is too high to consolidate South Korea This kind of treatment, the price is really too big, you see, ah, Celtic team in recent years, what has been done, is not very smart, is really very smart and very smart, a lot of things. Make a lot of money, ah, or yes, I traded with you, ah, my competitors were all given to the pit, ah, the NBA League, right, there is a relationship between competition and cooperation, ah, any business is only to earn no loss, right

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Big event! Come and watch!

There’s no level. Really, there’s no level. Let’s talk about Durant now. There’s a rumor that Durant will join Owen to the basketball and nets team. Er, I think the credibility of this matter is at least 2%. Let’s test why this is so. We shared these programs with you in February last year and February this year. We said that Durant and Owen would probably leave the team and leave their existing team to go to New York. That is, New York, the Knicks have never thought of the nets. They have never thought of unforgettable. We mean the New York Knicks, but now things have changed. This change is mainly due to ah, it can be said that 99% of the changes are due to Durant’s injury problem. Dr. Durant said that we should be shocked. To change the pattern of the league, I will tell you at the first time that many things are directly or indirectly related to Durant’s injury. Now in New York, the Knicks are hesitant about the introduction of Durant and Owen, which is very beneficial.



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Face contest begins!

At 10:30 p.m., 10:20, there are more than ten hours, ten hours, then the door of NBA free market will be opened. The door is about to open. Welcome to buy. Ah, all teams are welcome to buy. In our personal judgment, we have already said in previous programs. Ah, we have also made a special program. Ah, these 7788 players are almost in place. Ah, they are basically in place. For other players on the sidelines, let’s talk about it in the future. Which team is it? Let’s talk about these big names one by one, right? Some netizens ask why we are so confident, right? I’m not confident, but there’s no way. We have to predict.


We also predict the performance of our program. It’s very powerful. Accurate prediction. If you don’t predict our program, it will lose its meaning, right? I’m not confident. I don’t have much confidence, because it’s about the selection of players. There are too many things to consider. Ah, I can only from my personal understanding. For these players, the attribution ah, the restaurant needs its own personal judgment, but ah, even in the end, er, there is an accident, we also accept Ah me. Accept, fan friends’ faces, ah, also accept fans’ sarcasm, this affirmation, er, I think all things point to the issue of nade’s belonging. I don’t expect to do it at this time tomorrow. As for the fastest speed, we have to meet and talk about it. So, can other big players, can we wait? Yes, can we wait? Can we wait? It’s about the Lakers, the Rockets, the 76ers? So many teams, New York and Los Angeles

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two Los Angeles Clippers and Ross

Now, let’s see, ah, here comes the Los Angeles Lakers, two Los Angeles Clippers and Ross. If you don’t consider the reason of James, we will say that if we don’t consider the reason of James, we will say that if we don’t consider the reason of James, which one should be chosen by a large number of teams. Then, ah, we can also say that if we want to make decisions about the two old players, is it because James is because the Lakers have James.


Therefore, neither of them is willing to join the Laker team. We have to say, oh, it doesn’t matter who you cooperate with but who you cooperate with. It doesn’t matter what your teammates are and what form your teammates are. First of all, if Durant and Durant are not involved in the world, how can we take the advantage of you in the world. After you win the championship, you can call x MVP. If you have the strength, you can go. Really NB P doesn’t need people to let me believe that Anthony Davis of the two islands doesn’t need James, let them FNV P right. So judging from the current form, well, chat, that, for a whole year in the Raptors, I believe he has also been very clear about what the Raptors can give him, and this account is, the proof can be calculated, and all of them have been calculated for a whole year. For a whole year, what can the Raptors give him? He doesn’t know what contract he can give her Do you know?

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Leonard can’t really be said to love

When I lose, there are all kinds of doubts, doubts about myself, secrecy, Carmelo, fennel and bridge. The road ahead for the new season is arduous. I will boldly predict it. Well, I’m very confident. I’m very confident. I’m very responsible to share my personal thoughts with you. The clippers, the Los Angeles Clippers, will not be ranked one or two in the western region in the next season. If we look forward to a few seasons, the warriors will be besieged by many fans. The two leading stars of curry Thomson are innocent, honest and worthy of people’s respect. On the contrary, the Los Angeles Clippers, ah, they are unpopular. It’s obvious that the two leading stars have such behavior and speech. Obviously, the wind is very bad now, and the road ahead is very arduous.


I don’t think the clippers can win the championship of the league in 1922 with modern virtue. I’ll sentence him to death now. Ha ha, I’m joking. Ah, mainly from this strength, ah, I don’t think the clippers can win the 1962 season championship. For my friends, I didn’t ask me. Why do we have such a high evaluation of Paul George, ah, so much love for Leonard can’t really be said to love, right? It’s just last year, we all supported the Toronto Raptors and a large number of them won the championship, so, irritable, to this season, right? Why don’t we look forward to this team. Not very optimistic, because we are objective, ah, because we generally agree that is right, then the team is strong, weak is weak, right

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the basketball and nets team

We know that in the title race, if you pay. But if you don’t succeed, you will lose more. Now for the nets, it is mainly to stabilize the situation and situation, and win over the vast majority of fans in this area of New York, which is the most important, because from the present point of view, New York, in the next three to five years. Both of them will not be able to compete with the net opponents in terms of the record and the team’s ability. Therefore, the basketball and nets team, for the current time, they are still very abundant in time to prepare for the first hand, absorb more fans, lay a good foundation, and prepare for the second hand.


With good fans, a greater economic base, and then looking for star players and the possibility of attacking the championship, we have to say, er, three years and five years is nothing for a team, but for a player, three years and five years may be a career. From this point of view, Owen has just won some fans and won some money interests. But from the championship competition, it is almost impossible to have some fans after the last program is finished. Thank you for our comments on Owen. In our next program, we will focus on Owen and his several wrong decisions in his career, to outline Owen’s character and his inner thoughts.

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